June 20, 2015

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5 Things that Make a Good Home-Based Business

Dirty Jobs Can Yield High Returns Sometimes the most unlikely business models are the most successful. Take trash collection, carpet cleaning, or chimney sweeping for example. Nobody wants to do them, but they actually pay very well. Some of these home-service business opportunities may have tremendous growth opportunities in the "dirty jobs" section of America because customers want quality and professionalism in these areas of home service, and cannot find it. Figure that one out and you are already an entrepreneuerial-minded business person on your way to the top. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make a good home-based business in America today.

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How to Know if Your Pellet Stove has a Bird Nest

How to Know if Your Pellet Stove has a Bird Nest is not easy at first, but we will show you how to figure it out! The picture above is of my hand removing a handful of twigs and nesting debris from a sparrow's long two weeks of labor to build a nest in our Midtown Chimney Sweeps' client's home in Evergreen, Colorado. Our technicians regularly remove nesting debris from all kinds of chimneys in the spring months. Note: It is a violation of the Endangered Species Act to remove a Chimney Swift or its nest during nesting season. Consult with local animal removal authority in your county or city before attempting to move these special little critters!

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New Franchisee Sets Records

Midtown Chimney Sweeps' youngest franchisee is making a difference in people's lives and setting records while growing his new business in South Denver, Colorado, and is setting some records This exceptional young man has an extensive background in home services and the restaurant industry prior to joining up with Midtown Chimney Sweeps. His passion to do his job well, and his love for hands-on work has yielded a fruitful new career with Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising.

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