What Is a Chimney Fire?

What Is a Chimney Fire?

A chimney fire is not an everyday occurrence. (In fact, the less frequent the better!) It’s an accident that burns up the inside walls of the chimney. The flue – which is the passageway within your chimney – may be described as a round container that receives heat from a fireplace (or stove) and has an inlet and an outlet. If enough combustible material accumulates in the flue, you have an ideal scenario for high temperatures and out-of-control burning!

How Do Chimney Fires Start?

Chimney fires start when months of regular using a fuel-burning fireplace or stove results in build-up along the inside walls of the flue. The substance, known as creosote, may be soft, dry soot or tar-like or even glazed. Some kinds of creosote will catch fire more easily than others, but all kinds are unable to cause a chimney fire once a sweep has cleaned them out. Creosote may be eliminated with chimney sweep brushes or remover chemicals. Listen to your Certified Chimney Professional and decide on the best path of resolution for the creosote in your chimney.

Are Chimney Fires Fun?

Is this question even necessary? First of all, a chimney fire can only be fun if it’s a demonstration in a parking lot or if you’re watching someone else’s chimney go up in smoke! Secondly, it is a dangerous activity and you should not use it as a method of chimney cleaning. We’re shocked about some people indicating that chimney fires are fairly regular occurrences for them and that they rather enjoy the cathartic experience. Just hire a chimney sweep is what we say. Don’t take the risk if you can mitigate it. Arrange a Level II Chimney Inspection if you have not done so in several years. This inspection will only cost a few dollars more than an annual sweep and inspection. Plus, it will grant you a more detailed and thorough understanding of your chimney and fireplace. We will run a live-scan video camera up and down the flue to inspect for cracks, creosote, and other potential safety hazards.

In Conclusion, What Is a Chimney Fire and How Can I Prevent One?

A chimney fire burns the creosote trapped along the inside walls of the flue and may compromise the integrity of the venting system and passageway. You can reduce the risk by having your chimney inspected and cleaned annually!

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