Chimney Sweep University

Want to be a chimney sweep?

Are you wondering if there’s a school at which you can be trained to run a chimney sweeping operation? Midtown Chimney Sweeps has over 3 decades of experience and is an international leader in chimney sweep education. It doesn’t matter if attendees have no previous experience in chimney cleaning, inspection, or repair. Chimney Sweep University will turn them into top-notch service and repair technicians in weeks.

We love to train. We love to teach. And education is not a destination but a journey for our founder Byron Schramm and the training staff here at the Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising home office.

Our initial training lasts for two weeks and incorporates dozens of chimney sweeping jobs and dryer vent jobs, including the evaluation, repair, and maintenance of chimneys and vents.

Some of the Midtown training topics covered are:

  • Ladder set up and securing to ground and house
  • Harness safety on the roof
  • Selection, use and care of the most commonly used fireplace cleaning  tools and equipment
  • Selection, use and care of commonly used chimney inspection tools including live scan video cameras
  • Chimney and fireplace inspection using the NFPA 211
    • hearth and connector pipe clearances
    • appliance clearances
    • interior flue inspection process
    • cap, crown and chase inspection
    • attic clearances and inspection
    • smoke chamber and firebox inspection
  • Proper documentation of your inspection
  • Dryer vent tool selection, use, and care
    • cleaning vertical dryer vents
    • cleaning horizontal dryer vents
    • codes and clearances
  • Gas fireplace annual service
  • Gas fireplace diagnosis and repair
    • thermocouple diagnosis
    • thermopile diagnosis
    • pilot assembly function
    • monometer readings of gas pressure
  • Set fair pricing, and our suggested start up list
  • Dress for success- use our uniforms and online print store
  • Market to the right demographic- use our proven and changing methods
  • Grow an online digital footprint in your area- follow our system
  • Correctly do paperwork and track invoices and quotes
  • Only pay for marketing that works- use our source tracker
  • Go deep in your community not wide- operate within a known territory

All three elements are needed to train a successful small business person in 21st Century North America:

  • the Technician
  • the Manager
  • the Entrepreneur

Why pay for a chimney sweep education and bother going through a certification process like that of Midtown Chimney Sweeps? In the words of Michael Gerber, because not everyone is a entrepreneur. Usually technicians start businesses. But what is needed is more than a technician to operate a safe and enduring business. You need to develop your Manager side, and your Entrepreneur side. We all have these three key components to a successful business, but when you try to start a small business in North America today, either in Canada or the United States of America, you will see the layers of bureaucracy that exist.

So come to a chimney sweep university that will prepare you to do your best in a new occupation. Come to the University that knows fireplaces, chimneys and vents!

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