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Fireplace Inspection in Ohio

Fireplaces are composed of several parts- the visible portion down low in the home is called the firebox, or burn chamber. The firebox is specifically designed to handle the high heat of a continuously burning flame. In order to stay in proper working order, this firebox is lined with special bricks, called refractory bricks, or with panels, called refractory panels. Wood burning stoves are also lined with bricks. These bricks are not Ace Hardware or Lowe’s off-the-shelf bricks. They are special and are available to specialty contractors such as our company. These items and many more are part of the annual inspection process and new home purchase transaction process for our Qualified technicians.  The upper portion of the fireplace is composed of the chimney, and this conveys the flue gases to the outside world. This vertical flue must be inspected annually and be capable of containing all the byproducts of combustion that occurs down in the firebox. Call or Click to book a service appointment today!