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Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning in Minnesota
Fireplaces are composed of many parts, and all these parts need to work together harmoniously to achieve a proper functioning system. The national fire code used by all fire departments in Minnesota requires that all solid fuel burning appliances and their associated chimneys be inspected annually. While there is no enforcement of this policy, it is none-the-less important for the following reasons. Regular chimney cleaning and inspection is important to provide proper function of the appliance- a clogged chimney is a chimney that does not work well and can cause smoke to back up into the residence. Possible safety concerns with dirty flues includes the possibility of a chimney fire. A poorly maintained brick chimney will allow water to penetrate into the structure causing damage and degrading the safety of the overall fireplace and chimney structure. These items and many more are part of the annual inspection process and new home purchase transaction process for our Qualified technicians.

Minnesota Dryer Vent Cleaning
As well as sweeping chimneys and inspecting them, we also provide dryer vent cleaning and inspection services. Lint and debris pushed down the dryer vent by the fan from the clothes dryer sticks along the inside of the vent and creates resistance to flow. Annual inspection and cleaning of a properly installed dryer vent system will provide the following benefits: Faster laundry dry times, Longer life of the dryer, Decreased utility bills for laundry, and a more satisfying laundry experience in your home!

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