Fireplace and Chimney Sweeps of Minnesota

We at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Virginia, Minnesota proudly clean, inspect, and maintain the chimneys in our community. With every job we undertake, we’re motivated by knowing that customers value their fireplaces and chimneys, considering that those home features provide refreshing warmth and comfort amid the winter. The area that you see right inside your fireplace is dubbed the firebox (or burn chamber); it’s specifically designed to handle the high heat of continuous flames. The flue is the passage you find within your chimney that allows smoke and soot to travel up through the roof. Our mission at Midtown is to give your firebox and flue the inspection and sweeping that they deserve.

Your fireplace and chimney are bound to wear out as time passes. Common issues that Midtown technicians remedy include Chimney tops (also named chimney crowns) cracking, dampers warping, pilot lights burning out, and soot (or creosote) accumulating in your chimney. The item should be especially troubling to homeowners since creosote is very combustible; unless you have someone remove that substance, it can ignite and start a chimney fire.

Chimney Repair Service in the Greater Virginia, Minnesota Area

When a chimney needs tuckpointing, relining, or any other kind of repair or maintenance, you need to call your local chimney repair company, Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Virginia. We approach each task with the knowledge, equipment, and solutions necessary to keep your chimney looking and functioning well. If you ever use your fireplace for heat or ambiance, your chimney will need to undergo annual inspections.

How Often Should a Chimney Be Inspected in Minnesota?

The answer here is the same throughout the United States. As a homeowner creates fires in his or her hearth during the winter, soot (or creosote) will slowly yet surely build up in the chimney. This reduces airflow, which makes for less enjoyable fires and, worse, increases the risk of a chimney fire. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends occasional inspections and sweepings from professionals, like the ones at Midtown Chimney Sweeps.

Greater Virginia Fireplace and Chimney Inspections

The NFPA recognizes three levels of fireplace and chimney inspections. Those levels have ascending degrees of thoroughness; Level II inspections are more involved than Level I inspections, and Level III inspections are more involved than Level II inspections. The following describes the different types of fireplace and chimney inspections that all Qualified Chimney Professionals™ offer.

  • Level I inspection – Midtown technicians perform this inspection with every chimney sweeping job. It satisfies the annual inspection requirement per NFPA Code 14.2.
  • Level II inspection – This is a more invasive inspection where the technician inspects all accessible portions of the chimney and fireplace (or stove). It’s required for any real estate professional or property manager as they manage a home sale or transaction. In the event that a residence switches ownership, the fuel type changes, or any structural damage has occurred to the home, a Level II inspection should be arranged.
  • Level III inspection – This is the most thorough chimney inspection recognized by the NFPA 211. It involves the removal of bricks, drywall, or other building components so that the fireplace inspector can see the areas needing inspection. Let’s start with a Level I chimney inspection and then see if you need anything more than that!

Why Use Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning of Virginia, Minnesota?

Our technicians, who are Qualified Chimney Professionals, will start by carefully inspecting your fireplace, looking for common and uncommon problems that can develop across masonry fireplaces, wood stoves, wood-pellet stoves, factory-built fireplaces, and gas fireplaces.

After examining everything, they’ll recommend the services your home needs, from basic repairs to a full sweep. If your chimney does need cleaning, then get ready to see what a modern sweep can do!

We combine an expert knowledge of chimney and fireplaces with a modern sweeping system, and a commitment to world-class customer service. The result is chimney sweeping that can’t be beat! Our chimney cleanings in Virginia can quickly and effectively remove even the thickest soot. Best of all, thanks to our HEPA, centrifugal-gravity, and triple-filtration vacuum, we can do it with a minimum of mess.

Reviews for Chimney Sweeps in Virginia, MN

Customer reviews for our Virginia chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning business means very much to us. That is why we send a survey to each customer’s email address after each job we do. The glowing feedback that our customers write on Yelp and Google Reviews will tell the story as well. We always ask for feedback and are proud of our good reviews from our fabulous customers!

Gas Fireplace Service Near Virginia, MN

Did you know? Gas fireplaces need annual inspections, per the manufacturer’s instructions!

The inside of a gas fireplace or gas heating stove chimney does not become packed with black soot like a wood-burning fireplace or a wood stove does. However, there are still many safety-related items that should be inspected annually on gas fireplaces, and that is where Midtown Chimney Sweeps comes in!

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Virginia, Minnesota

Midtown Dryer Vent Cleaning is proud to offer world-class dryer vent cleaning. Our technicians can also clean out dryer vents that, over time, get clogged up with lint and debris from normal use of a clothes dryer. That might not sound like a big problem, but clogged lines shorten the life of dryer and can cause rising operating temperatures in the dryer itself. If something goes wrong, that rising temperature may pose a fire hazard.

To schedule your Virginia chimney sweeping or dryer vent cleaning, call Midtown’s friendly Scheduling Center today!

Air Duct Cleaning near the GreaterVirginia, Minnesota Area

Midtown Chimney and Air Duct Cleaning is happy to announce that we clean and inspect residential and light commercial air duct systems in central and upper Minnesota! Our system of cleaning the air ducts includes the abrasive action of a brush in the venting system and a negative pressure vacuum system that collects the debris at the point of agitation. The vacuums powerful HEPA vacuum removes the dust and pollen and increases the cleanliness of the system. Contact us today for a quote!

Proudly Serving These Minnesota Cities

We gladly sweep and maintain the chimneys of Virginia, Eveleth, Biwabik, Hibbing, Chisholm, Meadow Brook, Cook, Cotton, Angora, Peyla, and Hoyt Lake!


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