Gas Fireplace Installation

 At Midtown Chimney, we specialize in gas fireplace installation. NFI-certified, licensed, and insured, our qualified installers will guide you every step of the way in picking out the best gas fireplace for your home. With a wide range of styles and options available, a gas fireplace can suit any decor and provide a convenient and efficient heating solution.

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Gas fireplaces are a great way to heat your home without the mess of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They eliminate the risk of sparks and embers that can cause a fire, and they are just as efficient as other types of fireplaces. There are three different styles of gas fireplaces to choose from, each with its own advantages and installation requirements.

Types of Gas Fireplaces

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation

Direct vent gas fireplaces are the most popular choice due to their efficiency and safety.  An alternative to traditional gas and wood-burning fireplaces, this system draws fresh air from outside into the firebox for combustion and exhausts the combustion gases back outside using a completely sealed venting system instead of a chimney. This maintains indoor air quality and protects overall home efficiency while allowing the fireplace to operate effectively.

Direct Vent fireplaces also feature glass fronts and safety barrier screens. Most models come standard with tempered glass, while some offer ceramic glass as an upgrade for enhanced durability and heat resistance.

Ventless (Vent-Free) Gas Fireplaces

As the name suggests, Ventless gas fireplace do not require a chimney or a vent. Because of this, this particular gas fireplace is easy to install in any room. These gas fireplaces are highly efficient as the heat does not have a place to go, making this option the most economical heating option. 

B-Vent (Natural Vent) Gas Fireplaces

B-Vent fireplaces, also known as Natural Vent fireplaces, are a less popular gas fireplace option compared to Direct Vent and Ventless models. Though they are more affordable, they tend to be less efficient.  These gas fireplaces use an open front design, much like a wood burning fireplace and it draws air from inside the home into the firebox. The vent leaves room for hot air to escape so this design is the most suitable for aesthetic purposes, with a very realistic flame. 

So, how do you choose the right gas fireplace for your home?

Consider factors such as the size of the space you want to heat, the style and design that fits your decor, the type of gas fireplace (direct vent, ventless, or B-vent), and the BTU output needed to adequately heat your space. Consulting with one of our qualified installers can also help you make an informed decision.

What maintenance is required for a gas fireplace?

While gas fireplaces are minimal maintenance, it is still recommended your have your gas fireplace inspected to ensure safe and efficient operation. These inpections will check for gas leaks, ensure the venting system is clear, and clean the glass doors for optimized viewing. 

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Ask us about Gas Fireplace Log Set Installation

Gas fireplace log installation is an essential part of setting up your gas fireplace. Properly installed gas logs ensure optimal performance, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Give us a call today to learn about our gas fireplace log set installation near you!