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DR Rapid Fire log splitte, Midtown Chimney Sweeps
What’s New in Log Splitting Today
by Marketing November 02, 2018 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Rapid Fire Log Splitting Technology Every few years every trade or hobby goes through some kind of renovation. This decade

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midtown chimney sweeps franchise- still need sweeps today
Midtown Misconceptions: People still need Chimney Sweeps?
by Marketing August 03, 2018 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Okay, so we feel like, as a company, we need to address the elephant in the room. Yes, chimney sweeps

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Does My Gas Fireplace Need to be Serviced?
by Marketing May 11, 2018 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Does My Gas Fireplace Need to be Serviced? When I tell people I work for a chimney sweeping company, I’m

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I couldn’t be happier being a chimney sweep
by Marketing April 25, 2018 Franchisee News

Kurt Matthews nailed top monthly single truck revenue in the Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchise brand after just four months on

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Mary Poppins Will Return in December 2018
by Marketing January 28, 2018 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

You’re probably familiar with Mary Poppins, the 1964 Disney movie starring Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews. For that matter,

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Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising Opens Market in Philadelphia
by Marketing November 10, 2017 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

November 10, 2017- Breaking News with Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising, Philadelphia, PA Standing on the corner of 6th and Market,

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Put a Damper on It: Three Benefits of a Top Seal Damper!
by Marketing December 02, 2016 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

If you’re looking for an upgrade to protect your fireplace, look no further than installing a top seal damper! The

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The Champs of Chimney Chases: The Chase Cover!
by Marketing September 02, 2016 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Why do I need a chase cover for my fireplace? Chase covers keep out rain and pests. Chase covers are

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Protect Your Chimney with Total Water Protection
by Marketing June 20, 2016 Midtown Chimney Sweeps

Summer is the perfect time for family vacations, barbecues and bouts of severe weather. Yes, that’s right – the onslaught

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New Record for the Midtown Chimney Sweep Brand
by Marketing May 12, 2016 News

New Record for the Midtown Chimney Sweep Brand

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