As the weather grows colder and the holiday season draws near, there is almost nothing like the appeal of relaxing in front of the fireplace. Its warmth and glow create a welcoming ambiance. However, this pleasant experience can turn into a nightmare, if individuals neglect contacting a reputable company for chimney cleaning at least once a year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the leading cause for home heating fires, primarily chimneys, is from failure to clean the equipment. You can prevent disasters from happening by following the tips offered below.

1.) It would be a good idea to have your fireplace inspected before use. This way, the technician will let you know if there are existing problems that require restoration or chimney cleaning needs to take place. For example, a buildup of a substance called Creosote is a flammable derivative from burning wood. The debris can cause extensive damage if a competent worker does not remove it from the chimney.

2.) Use the proper fuel that is compatible to the fireplace. This means individuals should not burn paper or trash in their hearth. Pieces of paper can drift up through the chimney and settle on the top of the building and result in a fire to the structure or even worse; land on a neighbors’ roof.

3.) Have a metal screen or glass doors with a screen in front of your fireplace as a barrier to sparks or embers flying out and ruining your floors and furniture.

4.) Before you start a fire and during burning, make sure the flue hamper is open for proper ventilation. Keeping the flue hamper closed or partially open can lead to smoke accumulating in the chimney and escaping into the interior of the home.

5.) Make sure there are no obstructions, such as drooping tree branches or other verdure over the chimney.

6.) Keep all furnishings and other items no less than three feet away from the fireside. Constant exposure to intrusive heat can lead to objects being scorched or igniting.

7.) Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near the area of fireplace, to monitor the air quality. Ensure they are in good working order by checking them frequently.

8.) Extinguished the fire before leaving the house or going to bed for the night.

9.) Put the residue or ashes in a fireproof metal container. Take the covered canister outside and place it approximately 10 through 15 feet from the building.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure a happy and safe holiday season. 

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