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Every home in Nebraska is recommended to have an annual chimney inspection. A chimney inspection will expose defects in the interior surfaces of the flue, where the smoke rises up and out through the home. If you own a home in Nebraska with a freestanding wood stove, your stove will also be inspected for proper clearances to combustibles like nearby wood framing, walls, a ceiling pass through and wall pass through. It is our job to ensure that your fireplace or chimney is examined at a level appropriate to your level of inspection according to the access possible, and the information we have available to us.

In the midwest, basement boilers and water heaters frequently vent into a masonry chimney in the home. This masonry chimney needs to be in good working order and free of defects allowing the chimney to draft (pull upwards) the exhaust contents of the wood, pellet, or gas burning appliances or fireplaces. Have a thorough chimney inspection and have a chimney repair quote prepared just for your chimney or fireplace by a certified and insured professional today. Thank you for using Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Nebraska!