Dryer Vent Fires

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Every year, an average of 16,000 dryer vent fires happens in the United States. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning, we use brushes and high-velocity air to remove lint, which prevents the danger of you ever having a vent fire. As a bonus, that service increases your dryer’s efficiency, thereby resolving long dryer time problems.

Flex Hoses for Dryers

A Midtown technician can use a UL Listed and Tested flex hose to eliminate your risk of a dryer vent fire. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in preparing your dryer vent for safe operation. We’re serious when we recommend and install UL Listed, American-made dryer connectors manufactured by In-O-Vate Technologies.

Wall Vents for Dryers

Installing a proper termination is another way by which a Midtown technician can reduce the possibility of a dryer vent fire. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in dryer vent cleaning and inspection, but we can supplement those labors by setting up the flapper device on the outside of your house that discharges the dryer exhaust air. We use a made-in-America, powder-coated, 22-gauge sheet metal dryer wall vent.

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