Gas Fireplace Service

Gas Fireplace Service is an annual task for chimney sweeps in your area. It is required by all manufacturers of gas burning fireplaces to have yearly service or inspection performed on all gas fireplaces. Below is a partial list of the items required to be inspected annually by a Certified Chimney Professional. To schedule your yearly service call, contact us now!

Annual Gas Fireplace Service

Failure to inspect and maintain the gas fireplace or free-standing gas fired heating stove may lead to improper combustion and a potentially dangerous situation. We recommend the following procedures be done by a qualified technician. This list was taken from Travis Industries products owner’s manual of the 31 DVI Gas burning fireplace insert. Yearly the following items should be checked:

  • Remove the media (see the instructions included with your media kit). If severely deteriorated, replace. Check the media for soot. A small amount of soot along the bottom of the media is normal. If excessive soot is found, the heater will require adjustment. Contact your dealer for gas fireplace service.
  • Inspect the burner and remove any debris.
  • Make sure the burner is not warped, cracked, or damaged.
  • Check the firebox and area around the pilot to make sure there is no warping or damage.
  • If any problem is found, discontinue use and contact your dealer for service.
  • Replace the media. Clean and replace the glass. If the glass is damaged, replace. Make sure the gasket along the perimeter of the glass contacts the face of the firebox and forms an air-tight seal. If it does not, re-align or replace the gasket to insure an air-tight seal.
  • Inspect the area behind the access door. Clean or service if necessary. Check the gas control valve and the gas lines. If damage is found, discontinue use and contact your dealer for service. Clean the air channels, ducts, and blower (if applicable).
  • Start the main burner. Inspect the main burner and pilot flame. After 15 minutes the flames should be orange/yellow and not touch the top of the firebox. If the pilot or main burners do not burn correctly, contact your dealer for service.
  • Monitor blower operation.
  • Remove any debris or vegetation near the vent termination. Contact your dealer if any soot or deterioration is found near the vent termination. Venting system should be examined by a qualified agency.

Hot Glass- Look Out!

All modern gas burning fireplaces come with government required screens that serve as a first line of defense against human contact with hot glass. Sometimes we forget how hot these fireplaces are- hotter than cooking ovens! And these gas fireplaces do not have double glass doors like a cooking oven. They are one sheet of glass between you and the flame. It is easy to melt fabrics and skin to such a hot surface, so be careful and ask your chimney sweep about a screen option when you have your gas fireplace service done.

Air Shutter Adjustment

A key to a good-looking flame is correct air flow through the provided air-shutters on Direct Vent gas appliances and fireplaces. Type B vented gas appliances usually do not have an air shutter design like the Direct Vent models, so check the owner’s manual. We have selected an image from Travis Industries gas burning fireplace owner’s manual to show you how a proper flame should look and what the impact of the air shutters can do for that adjustment.

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