Who Is Midtown Chimney Sweeps?

Midtown Chimney Sweeps has succeeded at establishing a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity in North America. Why do we call it “one-of-a kind”? First, our company participates in the hearth industry (also known as “the fireplace manufacturing and maintenance industry”); this industry has been around for more than two centuries continues to be useful or relevant. Second, Midtown guarantees strong results through business systems (ensuring high satisfaction for customers and franchisees) and chimney sweeping (handled with equipment both old and new). Third, we supplement the cleaning of fireplaces and chimneys with related work like dryer vent cleaning, property maintenance, and chimney repairs and state of the art software CRM and Google marketing.

Certified Chimney Professionals

All Midtown technicians are Certified Chimney Professionals to guarantee a baseline level of competence and authority in the field. On top of the foundational knowledge, we add professionalism and superb marketing support. Midtown operates its own scheduling center and digital marketing efforts that allows booking of all the franchisees’ jobs using an off the shelf software system customized for our needs.

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  • Low Investment
  • Proven Business Model
  • Protected Territory
  • National Scheduling Center
  • Online Marketing
  • On-going Support
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Our Core Values

Strong Growth

Clear Communication

Customer Convenience

Quality Service

Opportunity Awaits You Through Midtown

In the 21st century, every professional field must undergo innovation to remain valuable for the public. Midtown Chimney Sweeps recognizes that the hearth industry is no exception to that necessity. As such, we have created the world’s first sophisticated chimney sweep franchise. If you’re interested to open a sweep business, we encourage you to contact us. As you commence a Midtown business in your community, you will rest assured that you have joined a growing industry in which many of the workers are nearing retirement.

The Results?

Every year, many small businesses fail. The chances of failure tend to far outnumber the chances of prosperity. But it’s a different story at Midtown Chimney Sweeps; we give you a business model that includes a viable client pool, a market lacking sophisticated competition, and systems ensuring productivity and efficiency. Those benefits will help you commence a business that will realize your dreams and lead to a secure future. As long as you have self-motivation and are willing to learn the chimney sweeping trade, you will surely achieve success.

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Small businesses are often begun through the time-tested medium of franchising. This method is popular because it ties the self-interest of a home office marketing and business systems team to the success of the local small business owner. We all believe in the American Dream. Own a home and live your life in peace and freedom as you create value in the national economy. That ideal for business and home ownership remains alive and well, and Midtown believes in the creative spirit of the Founding Fathers.


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