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Fireplace Inspection and Repair, Cincinnati, Ohio

Welcome to you local neighborhood chimney service company. We service, clean, inspect, and repair masonry and factory built chimneys and fireplaces. Our local franchisees are what make your experience at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Cincinnati a great experience. We will answer the phone, and courteously offer appointment times and send you a confirmation email to confirm the booking. Payment is due upon completion after services are provided.

Dryer Vent Cleaning near Cincinnati, OH

Midtown Chimney services also include dryer vent cleaning- the removal of lint from dryer ducts. Dryer duct cleaning is important when moisture, humidity and dry lint connect in the rigid metal vent and stick. As these products stick on the inside of the required 4″ dryer vent it reduces the effective cross sectional area of the vent. This means increased speed of exhaust, but most importantly decreased flow of exhaust gases. This is problematic for clothes dryers because the bearings, heater, and internal components of the clothes dryer begin to overheat. Sometimes this can result in a clothes dryer fire, or a laundry center fire. The solution is quite simple… add on a dryer vent cleaning to your next annual chimney sweep and inspection.

Chimney Inspection Cincinnati, OH

What’s the big deal? Why should a chimney be inspected annually?

REASON 1. Because it is the National Standard for Chimneys. The document title is NFPA211, Chapter 14.

REASON 2. Because Heating equipment fires accounted for 15% of all reported home fires in 2011–2015 (second behind cooking) and 19% of home fire deaths.

REASON 3. The leading factor contributing to home heating fires (28%) was failure to clean, principally from solid-fueled heating equipment, primarily chimneys.

Chimney Sweep Cincinnati, Ohio

Older homes in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region need their chimneys inspected annually and cleaned when being used. It doesn’t matter how heavily the fireplace or chimney is being used, an annual inspection and cleaning of the chimney will be recommended by the NFPA 211, and by your local fire department. Conditions of use may change- a bird may build a nest in the chimney, and the chimney sweep can remove that nest. Or tree may fall against the home and crack the bricks and the crack may carry through to the innermost wall of the chimney, called the flue liner, and a chimney sweep can determine if that has occurred. Call today to have your chimney inspected and swept by a certified professional. We carry live scan video equipment to inspect the innermost walls of the chimney and determine if the chimney is suitable for continued use.

Furnace Flues Inspected and Cleaned

In Cincinnati we have many homes designed in a similar way. The first floor of the home will have a traditional open-style fireplace with its own flue going all the way to the top of the chimney. The basement will have a boiler, furnace, and / or a water heater exhausting into the shared chimney, but using its own dedicated flue all the way to the top of the chimney. Both of these flues should be inspected annually, and cleaned as necessary. Please call or click to schedule today and have a Qualified and Insured technician review your chimney for safety and efficiency and effectiveness. Your flues should be able to contain all the byproducts of combustion!