Your Local Neighborhood Chimney Sweep in Harrison, Ohio

Harrison, Ohio deserves the best in chimney and fireplace care- at least that is what we believe at Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning! We are happy to sweep away the soot and provide a thorough and Qualified Chimney Professional inspection of your fireplace and chimney. At Midtown, we don’t just sweep chimneys (or clean them) we also inspect them. Fireplaces should be inspected annually per the National Fire Protection Association national standard, and be swept as required. Why is chimney sweeping important? Because chimney sweeping removes the powder-like product called soot that builds up in a flue, and which, if heated sufficiently, will ignite and begin to burn along the entire inside walls of the flue. What is a flue? The flue is the innermost portion of the chimney that comes into direct contact with the products of combustion. Are we local? Yes we are local. Our franchise owner lives right in the heart of our beloved Harrison, Ohio city, and services a wide radius including down into Cincinnati and up to Dayton.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Harrison, Ohio

We provide discounts on dryer vent cleaning services when booked simultaneously with a chimney inspection or chimney sweep. Our dryer vent cleaning methods involve the spinning of a poly brush or metal brush that is designed to be used in dryer ducts. Clothing dryers back up with more and more pressure when the vent is incorrectly constructed with too many elbows, or when there is more than 35 linear feet of duct for a clothes dryer to push its exhaust through. Then it is compounded when lint builds up inside. The lint sticks to the vent walls. The walls effectively “close in” and restrict the air flow. This increased restriction creates more heat in the dryer- not the good kind of heat. This heat is on the exhaust blower, and the bearings of the dryer. The drum temperature increases, but since air flow is limited, it cannot evacuate the moisture properly. Eventually bad things happen to the dryer. And all of this can be prevented by simply following the manufacturers instructions to have your clothes dryer vent cleaned annually.

Fireplace Inspection Process in Harrison, OH area

As mentioned above, chimneys, fireplace, and vents should be inspected annually per NFPA 211. There are 3 levels of chimney inspection recognized by the National Standard (NFPA 211 Chapter 15).

  • When a home is existing and nothing is changing in the home, and nothing has happened to the home or the heater or connected appliance or chimney, then we may simply perform an annual Level I chimney inspection. A Level I chimney inspection includes all readily accessible portions of the chimney and vent and connector pipe/ breaching and access doors. We call this the Basic Chimney Inspection and Sweep.
  • When a home is passing through a real estate transaction, being bought or sold (either the buyer or the seller) we are required by NFPA 211 chapter 15 to perform the next level of inspection, a more invasive inspection called the Level II chimney inspection. This requires the technician to investigate all accessible portions of the chimney, vent, and connected appliance and connector pipes. This may include seeking access to under the home, the subfloor area, and in the attic, where the chimney passes through the combustible wood framed house. Furthermore, it includes a live scan video inspection of the inside of the chimney’s flue to investigate for cracks and missing mortar. We call this the Advanced Camera Inspection and Sweep.
  • When a technician determines that a further inspection is required on a portion of chimney or vent he may elect to recommend this to you the homeowner or decision maker. In this case, he will be asking for permission to investigate a concern by removing building materials and damaging property in a dedicated area to gain access to the inaccessible area. This will be mutually agreed to, a price set, and methods of repair decided upon prior to the inspection proceeding forward. This is a Level III Inspection, and in Midtown we simply refer to it by this proper technical name.

We look forward to introducing ourselves to you and we look forward to inspecting, cleaning and repairing your chimney as we all grow together in our amazing community of Harrison, Ohio!