Chimney Fire Videos

At Midtown, Your Safety Is Our Mission

Annual chimney sweeping removes most of the creosote buildup in your flue. That service greatly reduces the chance of a chimney fire occurring at your home.

If you’re having a chimney fire:

  • Close off the air supply to the fire at the fireplace opening. If you have fireplace doors, close them. If you have an air shutter adjustment, close it.
  • Call your local fire department.
  • Have a Certified Chimney Professional fulfill a Level 2 Inspection (complete with a live-scan video camera) on the chimney.

Why Start a Business in a Chimney Sweeping Franchise?

Chimney sweeps perform heroic work!

As time goes on, we will post several Chimney Fire Video links on this page, along with information about steps for ensuring your house is as safe as possible!

Videos are a way to see the damage a chimney fire can accomplish. Most firefighters recommend a yearly inspection and sweep to prevent a fire that’s so dangerous and hard to put out.

How to Create a Safe Fire

Check out this ABC news segment in which Adam Rebling of Midtown Chimney Sweeps discusses the materials and steps necessary for making a fire that’s pleasant, not dangerous!


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