Chimney Masonry

A masonry chimney is constructed of a variety of masonry and metal materials, including brick, mortar, concrete, concrete block, stone, flue tile, steel and cast iron. All masonry chimneys contain combinations of, or possibly all of, these materials, most of which are adversely affected by direct contact with water or water penetration.

 How Does Water Damage my Chimney?

Chimneys are traditionally of two types, Masonry or Factory Built. In either case stone and bricks may be involved as either a structural element or as a veneer. When rain water is absorbed into the stone or bricks, or when it collects on the small bed joints of the masonry chimney, it will freeze and thaw in a repeating and systematic way and destroy the integrity of the chimney. All masonry chimney construction materials will suffer accelerated deterioration as a result of prolonged contact with water. Masonry materials deteriorate quickly and the moisture that has penetrated the materials periodically freezes and expands causing undue stress to masonry chimney. Water in the chimney also causes rust in steel, sheet metal, and cast iron, weakening or destroying the metal.

Water penetration can cause interior and exterior damage to your home and masonry chimney including:

Deteriorated metal or masonry fireboxes

  • Rotting wood and ruined drywall
  • Water stained walls and ceiling
  • Debris falling into clean out area
  • Stained chimney pipe or bricks
  • Rusted damper and poor operation
  • Decayed exterior mortar
  • Cracked and deteriorated flue liner
  • Leaning chimney structure
  • Chimney settles due to water eroding foundation

  A chimney crown is a protection for the masonry construction beneath it by helping to prevent the need for fireplace chimney repairs & chimney rebuilding. It is the top element of a masonry chimney and sheds the water off the chimney and sometimes down the face or else it drips free. These crowns or splays are constructed from common mortar mix, the same mixture used to lay the bricks of the chimney. Masonry chimneys are often the most abused by the harsh elements from outside. Both the high heat and corrosive nature of soot and creosote make regular masonry maintenance important.

Commercial chimney masonry materials on chimneys may degrade rapidly in harsh environments due to lack of maintenance. Commercial masonry chimney repair is an on-going maintenance request for commercial property managers. Loose bricks and safety related questions are common. We recommend that you have a Certified Chimney Professional inspect your building’s masonry chimney annually.

 Why Should I have a Midtown technician do my Masonry Fireplace Inspection or Repair?

When the masonry work on your chimney begins to show signs of deterioration (the mortar joints are worn away from the weather), chances are you’ll need to have some brick fireplace repair done in order to repair it. Working up high on ladders can pose a risk. Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians take time to secure their ladders and prepare for the climb, taking the necessary tools up with them. Older and newer brick and stone chimneys have different degrees of hardness and water permeability, and the same is true for mortar, and the masonry crown. In addition to brick fireplace repairs at the top of the chimney and in the firebox, your Certified Midtown  technician will also inspect the outside of your chimney.

 Service Today!

Midtown Chimney Sweeps is ready to evaluate your chimney, either commercial or residential, and make recommendations. Property managers and realtors can be assured that when they hire a Midtown technician they are getting the best in chimney advice and inspection. Do you need to have masonry chimney inspected or repairs made? Midtown Chimney Sweeps can help. Click here or Call to make an appointment at toll free 1-844-793-3766, today!

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