Chimney Fire Videos and More

Annual chimney sweeping removes the majority of combustible creosote buildup in the chimney interior (called the flue), and greatly reduces the chances of a chimney fire occurring in the home.

If you are having a chimney fire:

  • Close off the air supply to the fire at the fireplace opening. If you have fireplace doors, close them. If you have an air shutter adjustment, close it.
  • Call the local Fire Department.
  • Have a Certified Chimney Professional perform a Level 2 Live Scan Video Camera Inspection on the chimney.


Maybe Chimney Sweeps are actually Chimney Heroes!

We will post several Chimney Fire Video links on this page as time goes on,  and things you can do to ensure your house is as safe as it possibly can be! Right now we are still building up our library.

Videos are a quick way to see the damage a chimney fire can do. It is a super dangerous fire that is really hard to put out. That is why most firefighters will recommend a yearly inspection and sweep.

Why buy a business in the Chimney Sweep Franchise Industry?

Watch this video.


How to build a Top Down Fire!

Fire Building Videos- what is the best way to build a fire?


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