Commercial Chimney Sweeping

Commercial chimney sweeping and cleaning by Midtown Chimney Sweeps will help reduce the risk of a chimney fire. At this firm, we take steps to ensure that we inspect all visible portions of the fireplace, wood stove, pellet stove, or gas fireplace in your commercial building.

How often should I clean my fireplace?

All manufacturers of fireplaces, chimneys, and vents recommend annual sweeping, cleaning, and inspection. Hotels, Apartments, Condos, Institutions, Restaurants, Resorts and Clubs all need Commercial Chimney Sweeping they can trust to maintain their chimney systems. We offer all the necessary services for chimneys and venting systems. Regular inspections and sweeping can spare you from higher costs incurred after problems go unnoticed. And, of course, you aim to protect your personnel, customers, tenants, and property by staying current with maintenance. Limit costs and protect against serious losses or insurance claims.

When should I schedule my chimney inspection and cleaning?

Most customers arrange service for their chimney during the fall or winter. During the spring and summer, weather such as wind and rain may drive leaves, branches, and debris into your chimney. Animals and birds love to build nests in chimneys, which adds to the blockage problems. The best times to have your chimney inspected are during the spring or summer. This will allow for any sweeping, maintenance, or repairs to be taken care of prior to the burning season.

Make sure that your chimney is safe and ready to use before the cool of winter arrives. Even if you don’t have the time to request a chimney sweeping expert by then, it’s not too late – we’re available year-round.

How Important is it for our HOA or Commercial Property Management Company to have Chimney and Dryer vent Inspections Done?

The short answer is yes, it is very important for maintaining professional liability non-negligence. Here’s the facts.

  • 16,000 home fires per year in America can be directly traced to chimney fires.
  • Many of these structure fires occurred due to lack of proper maintenance and annual inspection.
  • Fire code requires/recommends annual chimney inspections of both chimneys and dryer vents. Fire departments across America refer to a document called the National Fire Protection Document, 211, or, abbreviated, NFPA 211. This document recommends the annual inspection and cleaning of every chimney, fireplace, wood stove, pellet stove, gas fireplace, and dryer vent. Lack of care or proper concern by a professional or licensed property manager could be considered a form of negligence of health and safety negligence similar to exposed wiring, and non-potable water at the tap.
  • Annual chimney cleaning and fireplace inspection, referred to as a Level I inspection, is the simple solution.
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So What?

Thorough commercial chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning and our more invasive Level II Real Estate inspections is the best way to describe the commercial chimney sweeping activities of Midtown Chimney Sweeps. We use a unique HEPA gravity filtration dust extractor vacuum and drop clothes inside the home! Our scheduling software will confirm the appointment time and details with you by email. All technicians are Certified Chimney Professionals. All business locations are fully insured with appropriate General Liability Insurance.

And it also explains why so many switch to Midtown Commercial Chimney Sweeping

After a Midtown Chimney Sweeps cleaning, there are no dirty carpets, no wondering about what condition the chimney is in, and no unsavory memory of a shady technician in the home. We do chimney sweeping in a fast, clean, and efficient manner, offering you all the products and services you might possibly need for your fireplace, chimney or dryer vent. Customers are usually astonished at how professional our technicians treated them after dealing with other companies’ chimney sweeping process. Midtown is quickly growing in the commercial market servicing Condominiums, HOA’s, and Apartment buildings. Midtown is becoming the nation’s largest and best fireplace and chimney service and repair Company. Do you need to have commercial chimney sweeping and repair done on your apartment or condo? Midtown Chimney Sweeps can help. Call to make an appointment at toll free 1-844-793-3766, today!

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