Long Dryer Time Problems

Does your dryer take a long time to dry?

A long dryer vent run (4″ rigid sheet metal pipes joined by aluminum tape and no screws) going to an outside wall of your house may accumulate enough lint in a 12 month period that the performance of your dryer may suffer. i.e., you are waiting over 45 minutes for a standard load of clothes to dry. If your clothes are taking a long time to dry, you may have:

  1. A pinched or crushed dryer vent connector flex hose.
  2. A poorly designed/installed dryer vent run that is too long, thereby creating too much resistance to air flow.
  3. A dirty dryer vent that is creating too much restriction. The later is a potential fire. There are code maximum lengths of dryer vents.

Dryer vent cleaning from the inside-out

Our technicians will clean the dryer vent by moving the dryer away from the wall, finding your loose change and the missing sock, and physically pushing a brush down the vent followed by high pressure air, and finally we check the air pressure at the vent termination to ensure proper flow of air when we are all done.

Better to be safe!

We have had heard from clients second hand experiences from friends who lost loved ones in structure fires originating from lint build up in the dryer vent. We encourage you to have a CCP Certified technician come and clean the vent annually or as required by common sense estimates or by using the Lint Alert wall-mount device that we offer at time of service.

Dryer vent cleaning prices are fixed because we know what we are doing. For pricing please Get a Free Quote!

Chimney sweeping and inspection should be done annually as well, so if you have a fireplace we can combine the services for significant savings.

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