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Midtown Chimney Sweeps stands ready to assist Real Estate agents and brokers during the home transaction process by properly inspecting the fireplace and chimney. Many times there are minor but important real estate chimney repairs that should be done before close of escrow. In other cases Real Estate agents or brokers may find that they need a qualified chimney inspector to inspect a chimney in a real estate transfer. In either case, Midtown Chimney Sweeps is your local source for knowledgeable, fast, and courteous chimney inspection, and any type of light chimney repair or maintenance which helps real estate agents. One of our certified technicians will come and inspect your chimney and inform you of the details. The inspections have a special name recognized and governed in type and scope by the NFPA 211 Standard, chapter 15. We are held to high and strict standards to inspect the interior portion of the flue and clearances to combustibles and the upper roof portion for water intrusion and proper chimney height. We call this the Advanced Camera Inspection and Sweep, and the national standard refers to it as a Level II Inspection.

Other Chimney Real Estate Repair Done by Midtown

We do chimney crown repair, deal with chimney leaks, and address chimney masonry related problems. It is our recommendation that your chimney be swept and inspected to learn as much as one can about the chimney prior to giving a proposal on any additional work. Our technicians are CCP Certified and professionally trained in the inspection process and in professional courtesy.

Real Estate Inspections

NFPA 211 code requires that you conduct a Level II chimney inspection before the sale or transfer of real estate in the United States of America. A Level II inspection utilizes a live scan video camera after completing a Level inspection. Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians are trained in Level II inspections for masonry fireplaces, factory-built fireplaces, and wood stoves connected to either masonry or factory built chimneys.

 Ready to work With Real Estate Agents

Midtown Chimney Sweeps stands ready to assist you in the maintenance and repair of your fireplace or chimney. Any type of light chimney repair or maintenance will be reviewed by our certified technicians.

Chimneys are often one of the most neglected, undetected, or misdiagnosed systems in the entire household. This is bad news, since the safe operation of our fireplaces and stoves requires a properly working chimney. During your annual chimney inspection (known as a Level I inspection), our certified chimney sweeps will be able to determine the condition of your chimney and offer solutions for chimney repair and maintenance should it be required. Most often chimney problems are the result of poor draft, excessive water vapor and corrosion, or another related issue. Our chimney services include,

  • Chimney Crown Repair
  • Fixing Leaky Chimneys
  • Chimney Masonry Problems
  • Tuckpointing of masonry

The common repair items done to chimneys are inside the firebox and up on the roof. The reason for this is the harsh heat of the direct flames deteriorates the mortar and brick within the firebox, and the freeze-thaw cycle deteriorates the top of the chimney. After years of exposure to harsh elements and the by-products of combustion, the masonry material of your chimney flue (the innermost portion of the chimney that comes into direct contact with the byproducts of combustion) can begin to deteriorate. Our chimney sweeps are skilled in masonry repair and tuckpointing which is the repair of mortar joints both inside the firebox and up above the roof line. Our certified technicians can restore the look of your masonry chimney so that it looks and functions like new. This repair process includes chipping out loose mortar and pressing in new refractory cement mortar between the bricks, in the case of the firebox. Common repairs on the roof-top side of the chimney include both masonry repair and sheet metal work. Chimney flashing that is loose, cracked, or broken can allow water and moisture to seep into the wood work of your roof, chimney, or attic causing serious and expensive water damage repair. Because water damage requires extensive repair, it’s best to take preventative measures to avoid this situation. Masonry chimneys often require tuckpointing missing mortar joints above the roof line, crown repair, flashing seal, and applying a quality water resistant coating.

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