Fireplace Installation

Fireplace Installation and Relining Services

Buying a new fireplace, insert, stove, or furnace is one thing- often this may be done online or at a local hearth store- but who do you hire to install this fireplace? Midtown has 40 years experience and is now bringing that experience to the chimney and fireplace installation needs in unique markets across the USA. All fireplaces, stoves and inserts should be installed by a qualified technician, preferably one that is properly insured for the hearth industry, and one who is certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) in one of their three certifications. Not all Midtown owners and technicians are NFI certified, so please check with our friendly scheduling center staff to determine who is certified in your area.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation

This is a complex and involved process usually involving 3 trades- roofing, framing, and electrical. Modern EPA Phase II tested wood burning appliance installations are non-trivial matters. Careful consideration of the entire owners installation manual must be adhered to. Proper chimney system installation and height and offsets must be evaluated. Proper fireplace placement and electrical considerations must also be considered, as modern wood burning fireplaces often require 110v AC to operate the temperature activated fan assembly in t the unit. Proper clearances must be maintained from nearby framing for the fireplace itself as well as the chimney pipe as it passes through combustible framing. Call today to see if we provide this type of service in your area!

Wood Burning Stove Installation Services

Installing a wood stove in a timber frame or wood frame home is a challenge to say the least! The chimney must be installed through a combustible rafter and ceiling and roof system and not leak water and not cause a structure fire! Clearances to combustibles must be observed carefully, and the correct wood stove connector pipe and chimney pipe used when penetrating ceilings (ceiling support box) or through a wall (wall thimble). On the roof we use the proper pitch roof jack or roof flashing and sealant to prevent water leaks when completed. If the freestanding chimney is over 60″ tall, then it is required to use a roof support system, or  a chimney brace kit to support the chimney from high winds and snow that may snap the pipe off at the nearest and most stressed joint. Call today to see if we provide this type of service in your area!

Wood Burning Insert Installation Services

Our NFI Wood certified technicians can oversee the proper sizing and installation of a wood burning insert into a masonry fireplace. There is much concern over installing a wood burning insert into a factory built fireplace even though it is a tested scenario in the case of many manufacturers (Ultimately it is up to the Authority Having Jurisdiction to determine approval of a wood burning insert being installed into a factory built fireplace. We would caution against it as a general rule.)

When a wood burning insert is installed into a masonry fireplace it is required by our company, Midtown Chimney Sweeps, to also install a full length liner, and preferably a pre-insulated chimney liner. This chimney lining is important for two reasons, a) performance, because a properly sized liner will create the proper draft for the connected appliance causing it to function better, and b) safety, because a pre-insulated chimney liner will keep flue gases warmer and keep the outside of the chimney liner tube a cooler temperature and there fore reduce the heat transfer within the chimney structure. Call today to see if we provide this type of service in your area!

Gas Fireplace Installation

Both natural gas and propane gas are collectively referred to as gas appliances, or gas fireplace. If Midtown Chimney Sweeps provides a quote for a gas insert installation, a gas freestanding stove installation, or a gas fireplace installation we will also review the local requirement so that we comply with building and safety requirements for installing a gas line. Typically, Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians are not certified or licensed plumbers, so you will need to also work with an expert local licensed plumber to have the gas line properly run to the fireplace prior to our arrival. Midtown will provide installation labor of the gas burning insert and associated full length aluminum liner kit upon proper quote review and acceptance by the customer. Call today to see if we provide this type of service in your area!

Relining a Water Heater Flue, a Boiler Flue or a Furnace Flue

A common theme in some locations of the country is the relining of masonry chimneys that serve connected appliances. For example, home inspectors frequently and correctly identify that a brick or masonry chimney serving the basement furnace has no liner, or a defective clay liner. This allows carbon monoxide and other gases into the attic and potentially into the building envelope at one or more locations and causes health and safety risks. This can be prevented entirely by replacing the liner, or relining the chimney. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps we are ready to give you a quote on chimney relining at your request. When we reline a flue, we prefer to insulate the flue liner whenever and wherever possible, and the flue liner material, usually stainless steel, must continuously carry the byproducts of combustion all the way to the newly installed liner cap at the top of the chimney. This removes all the gasses from combustion all the way to the outside world and away from the occupants of the home, resolving the issue of an unlined chimney. Call today to see if we provide this service in your area!

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