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5 Things that Make a Good Home-Based Business

Dirty Jobs Can Yield High Returns Sometimes the most unlikely business models are the most successful. Take trash collection, carpet cleaning, or chimney sweeping for example. Nobody wants to do them, but they actually pay very well. Some of these home-service business opportunities may have tremendous growth opportunities in the "dirty jobs" section of America because customers want quality and professionalism in these areas of home service, and cannot find it. Figure that one out and you are already an entrepreneuerial-minded business person on your way to the top. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make a good home-based business in America today.

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Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software

Many chimney professionals have used different relational data base software programs over the years to manage their businesses. Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software was simply non-existent. Surprisingly, there seems to be little or nothing on the market for just chimney sweeps still today. Many sweeps began in the 1980’s using FILEMAKER on MacPlus. Some have used gigantic excel spreadsheets Since that time there have been dozens of advanced software programs that make running a service business productive. Many sweeps have tried using ServiceCEO, Smart Service, Service Max and more.

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Automate Your Chimney Cleaning Business

It has been our experience that the American chimney sweep seems to be the quintessential small businesman plagued by traditional operations headaches. But he doesn’t know how plagued he is. He has a profitable trade, a niche market, and he is the go-to person in town for anything chimney cleaning or sweeping related. But nothing is automated in his business yet. The sole proprietor is the automation. In this article we suggest two areas of instant business automation that we can provide to you the sole proprietor. Someone will still need to clean the chimneys and sweep the flue- but that is already your expertise. Once your business is automated, the business can "run itself" to a certain degree, allowing the business owner to concentrate on upselling, improving procedures, new product development or to simply to take a "real" vacation! Automation is the key.

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Millennials: Fueling America’s Workforce One Service at a Time!

I don't know if you have heard but the next generation has an official term! Millennial! As a demographic, millennials have a lot going for them. They spend about $50 per capita more on alcoholic beverages, $400 more on personal services and nearly $100 more on furniture. They are more likely to have young kids, especially in Salt Lake City so they spend twice the national average on clothing or home services.

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