I couldn’t be happier being a chimney sweep

Kurt Matthews nailed top monthly single truck revenue in the Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchise brand after just four months on the job.

Matthews launched his own Midtown Chimney Sweeps business last year in July. He was the first Midtown franchisee ever in his home state of New Jersey. Despite how unfamiliar the Midtown brand is to Jersey residents, he seized an outstanding October in which he surpassed the brand revenue record for a single truck in a month. Midtown president, Schramm, celebrates that accomplishment as the first time one of the company’s chimney sweeps has earned that much in a single month with all 5 star reviews. For that matter, Schramm believes Matthews’s October shows what a silverback gorilla Midtown has become within the hearth industry.

Matthews says, “I couldn’t be happier.” Not only does he enjoy the results of his work so far, but he also enjoys the work itself. His pleasure mainly comes from making customers happy as he solves problems. Plus, he’s amazed at how varied the challenges faced by a chimney sweep can be. And he feels excited by seeing his business grow bigger and better. In his own words, “Everyday feels like a Saturday.”

How does Matthews explain his overwhelming 4th month success? He mostly credits Midtown’s reliable franchise system. One feature of that system is the nation-wide scheduling center at the company’s headquarters in Littleton, CO. Matthews (like all other Midtown franchisees) relies on the friendly staff at the scheduling center to receive customer calls, as well as schedule appointments for his franchise. He’s free to run his business and accomplish lots of sweeping, inspecting, and chimney repair jobs because he doesn’t get mired in simple repetitive administrative duties. Instead, the scheduling center takes care of those duties on his behalf. And the home office relies on the franchisees to do a good job with the customers.

The “front office” in Littleton, Colorado isn’t the only perk of the Midtown franchise infrastructure that Matthews loves. Another one is the company’s website. Matthews appreciates that the site has excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that customers easily find his business whenever they search online for chimney sweeping services in New Jersey. He also likes that the website is professional and appealing.

Between the friendly scheduling center and the Midtown website, it’s no wonder that Matthews always finds himself booked for work by as much as three weeks during the busy season.

Matthews knows exactly what kind of candidates are best suited to run their own Midtown chimney sweeping businesses. According to him, a franchisee doesn’t need a business degree but should have an entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit must include aptitude for marketing oneself through networking. Matthews also says that franchisees must have self-motivation and be courteous to customers. Oh, and they must be willing to get their hands dirty.

Next Christmas, Mary Poppins Returns will be released in theaters. The first Mary Poppins movie left a stamp on the public’s impression of chimney sweeps. We don’t blame you if you’re thinking of Dick Van Dyke with a Cockney accent and flat cap right now. Although Matthews doesn’t sing and dance on rooftops, he sure feels like doing that nowadays! Congratulations Matthews.

Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising is a franchise concept based out of Denver, Colorado, offering chimney maintenance and care throughout North America. Founded in 1979 this company has 4 years of franchise sales history and holds the valuable tag line, Sweep, Inspect, Trust. Inquiries should be directed to chimneyfranchise.com or midtownsweeps.com or by calling the Home Office.
Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising
Feb 9, 2018

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