Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software

Many chimney professionals have used different relational data base software programs over the years to manage their businesses. Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software was simply non-existent. Surprisingly, there seems to be little or nothing on the market for just chimney sweeps still today. But the key ingredient is always execution. Who is going to actually answer the phone and book my chimney sweep appointments in the software?

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The Search for Chimney CRM Solutions

Many sweeps began in the 1980’s using FILEMAKER on MacPlus. Some have used gigantic excel spreadsheets. Since that time there have been dozens of advanced software programs that make running a service business productive.  Many sweeps have tried using ServiceCEO, Smart Service, Service Max and more. But none of these programs are made for the chimney sweep industry- they are universal applications being tweaked to fit many different home service based businesses.

One of the most frustrating parts is that many of these companies require servers, expensive additional handheld devices and monthly fees. And the most disappointing is when you find out that the software doesn’t have route optimization or zone based scheduling!

What you want is ease of data entry for your customer’s info that is related to several other functions. Such as tracking the customer’s origination source, original quoted price,  commissions on sales for technicians and basic management of customer data. All are needed today to keep pace with your competitors. There are chimney sweep guilds in the US who are looking for CRM answers for their members.

Chimney Sweeps Deserve Easy to Use, Affordable, Marketing ROI Software

Our founder Byron Schramm tried to grow a second generation chimney sweeping business into multiple states and stalled out. Couldn’t do it. There was simply no affordable or reasonable method to manage employees, track marketing expenses, customer call sources (resulting in a dashboard of ROIs) and finally tying in the financial side of the business. Many platforms were attempted and all of them proved to be either too expensive, too clunky, or too high of maintenance. And when one software program looked promising, there was the trouble of who was going to answer the phone and book the jobs in the software correctly. So Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising was born and along with it the solution to the Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software and scheduling dilemma!

Below is an image of live screen shot from the CRM. It is a live dashboard. We figured if an engineer can build a wood stove, a programmer can build what we want! To drill down on any customer data, simply click the green arrow. Done. We would love to show you!


Chimney Sweep Marketing ROI- Live Feed from scheduling center
So if you are a new sweep or a veteran sweep wanting to find a better system for your business, look no further. The Midtown Chimney Sweeps Chimney Business Marketing ROI Software is now available for you when you join our growing Midtown brand!

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