What is Crown Coat and how does it work?

Crown Coat is a specialized chemical formula of grey durable rubberized paint designed to bind to masonry cement and hold up under adverse conditions. Crown coat provides fireplace chimney repair to damaged chimney crowns by eliminating chimney leaks, and water penetration & absorption.  A crown is the cement slab that sits at the very top of your chimney and protects the brick and mortar joints beneath from water entry, which causes brick chimney degradation. All crowns will crack in time from expansion & contraction, settlement, and poor construction, which causes chimney leaks. The Midtown Chimney Sweeps crown coat product waterproofs the top of the masonry chimney, shedding water off the chimney crown. This is a huge benefit to older chimneys which will otherwise fall into disrepair quickly and require very expensive masonry work. It is a wonderful comfort to know that all Midtown products like Crown Coat come with a 15 year warranty on the product.

Why Should I have a Midtown Technician Do My Crown Coat Work?

When the masonry work on your chimney begins to show signs of deterioration (the mortar joints are worn away from the weather), chances are you’ll need to have some crown coat done in order to repair it. Crown coat is commercially available so Midtown professionals can purchase the product and protect the top of your chimney. Working up high on ladders can pose a risk. Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians take time to secure their ladders and prepare for the ascent, taking only the necessary tools up with them. Older and newer bricks have far different degrees of hardness and water permeability, and the same is true for mortar, and the masonry crown. Total crown replacement may not be necessary if your chimney is structurally sound and needs only crown coat. All of our Crown Coat products are made in the USA, so you can enjoy the fact that you are supporting US companies owned by other Americans. Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians are trained to properly perform this specialized work, and are certified by the Certified Chimney Professionals credential for working on chimneys with these issues and in these environments.

Advantages of Crown Coat:


  • Existing cracks, gaps, and voids are filled, – entire crown is coated and weather tight.
  • Prevents crack formation through which chimney leaks occur.
  • Further brick chimney repair & fireplace chimney repair needs from chimney leaks are eliminated!
  • Helps to preserve & maintain existing & restored integrity preventing structural compromise.

Why Midtown Sweeps?

Midtown Chimney Sweeps technicians are trained in crown coat work and equipped with the proper tools. We have experience working on older and newer residential and commercial chimneys. No matter when your residence was built, Midtown technicians are ready to repair your chimney promptly with the right products. When you have us handle your crown coat work, you can trust that the results will match your masonry chimney’s current appearance and give you years of effective and good service.

Midtown Chimney Sweeps can protect your masonry chimney crown today with crown coat.  Call to make an appointment at toll free 1-844-793-3766, today!