A fireplace can make our lives brighter and warmer. Plus, it’s the perfect spot for the family to gather together on cold nights. It really is one of the most special parts of the home, and Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Tacoma, WA provides quality chimney sweeping and inspections – reducing the risk of chimney and house fires for years to come.

Fireplace Inspection and Chimney Sweeping

When Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Tacoma, WA visits your home, our professional and certified technicians will thoroughly inspect both the chimney and the fireplace, looking for both the common and uncommon problems that can develop over time. This includes everything from broken dampers, clogged chimney caps or built-up creosote.

It’s that last one which is particularly dangerous, because every time you burn wood in your fireplace, the by-products of combustion – smoke, gases, and hydrocarbons– can build up in your chimney over time. This buildup then becomes creosote and can choke the chimney, making it less effective and increases the risk of of a chimney fire. It’s because of those risks that the National Fire Protection Association recommends the inspection and sweeping of chimneys annually.

Gas Fireplace Service in the Greater Tacoma, WA Area

Many people do not know that gas fireplaces are required to be inspected annually per the manufacturer’s instructions. Although the inside of the chimney does not build up with black soot like a wood-burning fireplace does, there are still many safety related items that should be Once our Tacoma chimney sweeps examine your chimney and fireplace, they’ll recommend the necessary sweeping and repair services to keep your fireplace healthy and in working order.

Greater Tacoma Area Chimney Repair

While at your home, our technicians are can evaluate and recommend numerous minor chimney repairs, fireplaces updates, and water-resistant compounds that can enhance the performance of the chimney, or prevent rain from leaking in and causing damage around the mantel and walls area.

  • Chimney repairs at the crown or top flue tile may need to be done.
  • Possibly there is missing mortar in the firebox around the refractory fire bricks.
  • Tuck-pointing might be required around the top of the chimney above the roof to help provide a properly sealed chimney.
  • Total Water Protection is a Popular Service in Washington!
    • Crown Coat seals the top of a concrete and brick chimney with a rubberized barrier.
    • Chimney Saver seals the moisture from entering the sides of brick and stone chimneys.
    • Flash Seal repairs and strengthens the roof-to-chimney junction flashing area to keep out water.

If your chimney does need sweeping, then you’re in for a treat because you’ll get to see Midtown in action! Our modern cleaning system can remove built-up soot and ash quickly, effectively, and with a minimum of mess thanks to our HEPA centrifugal gravity dust extracting  vacuum.

Once Midtown is finished, you can look forward to having a clean and healthy chimney and fireplace for your home once more. Of course, that’s not all that Midtown can do for you – we also offer dryer vent cleaning!

Tacoma, Washington Dryer Duct and Vent Cleaning

Similar to your chimney, dryer vent ducts can get clogged up over time with lint and debris. If the buildup becomes very severe, this not only reduces the performance of your dryer, but increases the chances of a fire. Midtown can clear out your dryer vent run and help reduce the likelihood of such an event caused by lack of regular cleaning. Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning of Tacoma is ready to work for you.

When you’re ready to book your world-class chimney sweeping in Tacoma, WA, just call our friendly Scheduling Center. They’ll book your appointment and get our expert technicians out to your home soon!

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