Lancaster, CA Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchise Lands $12k Chimney Sweep

Lancaster, CA Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchise Lands $12k Chimney Sweep Lancaster, CA

Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising is proud to announce the recent success of our Lancaster, California franchisee, Tikar Carroll. The Lancaster, California team was able to land the largest commercial chimney sweeping contract to date within the franchise infrastructure. This $12k chimney sweep job is being completed over a series of weekends this fall as the weather cools down.

Contrary to common belief, California isn’t all sunshine and hundred degree weather. Homeowners and multi-unit housing occupants throughout Los Angeles County seek warmth from their fireplaces during the cooler months of winter to save on heating costs and enjoy the ambiance of a real wood fire. With such frequent use, it’s critical for chimneys to receive the right type of maintenance and inspection so future fires can burn safely. When a fireplace system is neglected, creosote can build up and lead to a dangerous chimney fire. Midtown Chimney Sweeps performs an inspection each time a cleaning is done to alert home and business owners when something may need extra attention. Should a chimney not be in tip top shape, expert repairs to the exterior masonry or inner workings can be made or recommended by the Midtown Chimney Sweeps team.

Customer Service is Always a Priority!

Tikar Carroll is no stranger to the many chimney owners within the Lancaster, CA area. He takes pride in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and always goes above and beyond the job requirements. This lofty goal reflects in the franchise brand’s almost perfect rating on Yelp from over two dozen happy customers. “I feel like a proud parent when news like this makes it my way. It never gets old and it drives us to spread the franchise’s presence across the country. It is such a joy to work with quality people like Tikar. These great people never cease to impress me with their performance using our brand.” Byron Schramm, the founder of Midtown Chimney Sweeps, says when asked about the impressive contract. “I am truly blessed to be surrounded by incredible franchisees, home office staff, and phone operators that take our calls nationwide every day.”

The initial inquiry for this 12k chimney sweep job came one clear day in August to the Midtown scheduling center. An operator took the call and patched it through to a manager and the dialogue began. Written quotes and final work orders were generated and the job is nearly complete now in late November 2015. A scheduling center is the workhorse and foundation of a good service business; the Midtown home office knows it, and so do the Midtown franchisees. In fact, most franchisees sign up and join the franchise because of it!

Join our Growing Family!

Midtown Chimney Sweeps is a national franchise for both owner operators and investors that offers chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. Lead by the flagship locations in California and Colorado, franchisees are trained by the industry’s best on how to serve their local communities in certified chimney care. Franchise opportunities are available, and interested parties are encouraged to reach out by submitting interest on the website: https://www.midtownsweeps.com/chimney-services-company/chimney-sweep-franchise/

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