Why Cleaning Your Chimney Increases Your Safety And Your Savings Account

During the harsh winter months, one of the popular ways to keep your home warm cozy is with a fireplace. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware that each time a fireplace is used, soot and creosote builds up in the chimney liner. Over time, the venting system can become compromised and require cleaning to prevent injuries and damage that can result from a poorly maintained chimney. Here are five benefits for keeping your chimney cleaned by a qualified professional so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Increases Safety

It’s quite common for most homeowners to regularly use their fireplaces and consider the cleaning process as merely removing ashes and soot from the floor of the fireplace. However, it’s important to ensure other parts of the fireplace such as the venting system are well maintained on a regular basis during use. By regularly cleaning the entire chimney and its components, the buildup that occurs in the chimney from regular use can be reduced and safety will be increased.

Improves Fireplace Efficiency

A poorly maintained and uncleaned chimney may negatively affect its performance and its ability to properly move smoke outside of the home. A malfunctioning damper or flue liner that has become compromised due to cracks can increase the chances of fires which can cause damage to your home. Use seasoned firewood with a low moisture content as hazardous creosote can be produced even faster when popular commercial wax-based logs are used.

Saves on Energy Costs

The cost to heat a home rises year after year. Regularly using a fireplace during the winter is a great way to save on energy costs associated with heating a home. Therefore, keeping the chimney clean and well maintained will further save on energy costs. Homeowners that fail to close the damper or have a damaged damper can allow cold air to enter the chimney and create downdrafts of cold air. Regular maintenance of your chimney can ensure the damper is closed and properly sealed to prevent outside air from entering the chimneyand driving up heating costs.

Reduces Repair Costs

Regular and annual maintenance of your fireplace, vent and chimney system will ensure it performance effectively and reduce overall repair costs by catching potential problems early and preventing costly repairs. To prevent the build up of dust and soot, regularly clean and vacuum the fireplace after embers have been safely extinguished. Refrain from using water to distinguish fires as this causes the creation of paste, making it more difficult to clean the fireplace. Instead, use sand or coffee grounds on cooled down ashes for easier cleanup.

Increases Chimney Life

A chimney system that is not cleaned on a regular basis not only affects its efficiency, but can potentially be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to have a professional chimney sweep perform routine cleanings and a chimney inspection of the chimney system. Any required repairs can be addressed and give you not only peace of mind, but will ensure the fireplace functions properly. This can result in an increased chimney life and safety allowing it to be enjoyed for years to come.

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