How to Get the Picture Perfect Fireplace for Christmas

There’s nothing like the feeling of a home that is perfectly decorated and outfitted for Christmas. The smell of holiday cooking, the music, the splendor of a perfectly decorated tree and stockings- all eager to receive little personal gifts all add up to the holiday cheer that we all love. But if your home features a living room fireplace, neglecting its decoration is simply not an option. So we took the time to look at the most vital Christmas fireplace decorations and fireplace updates you need to make sure Santa doesn’t feel unwelcome when he steps foot in your home this year.


Get the Picture Perfect Fireplace for Christmas

Your fireplace may not be the first thing Santa sees, but he certainly appreciates a nice looking Christmas fireplace as he makes his way in and out of your home.


Must-Have Christmas Fireplace Decorations

  • Wreath/s: There are a lot of options when it comes to wreaths. You can place a traditional door or wall-wreath over the mantle. You can position a wreath-like lay across the mantle. It’s nice to have it cradle the mantle in the center for a sort of wavy, hugging effect. You can have both types of the wreath, only one, or you may do without them entirely. If you choose to use wreaths, it’s a nice idea to decorate them. The larger they are, the more decorations they will support, both visually and structurally. One nice style trick we like is to have an especially long wreath run down the side of the fireplace and join with space under the Christmas tree.


  • Candles: No home is properly decorated without a few Christmas themed candles. Look for red, gold, and green colored candles. Also, don’t forget that cinnamon-scented candles are practically mandatory for that oh-so-perfect aroma that just oozes holiday cheer. It’s a nice way to make sure the aroma of holiday cooking is not limited to the kitchen. The fireplace mantle is an excellent place to set them since fireplaces are made for fires. You can also take comfort in knowing that they are out of the way of spirited children and animals.


  • Seasonal Greeting Cards: Holiday greeting cards are the original Internet of seasonal cheer. They express the love between family members who may or may not live close enough to spend the holidays together. These are an absolute must, and the fireplace mantle is the best and most traditional place to set them. Your family and friends can easily review the love shared between you and yours as expressed in these charming items.


  • Ornaments: Not just for hanging on the tree, ornaments can be used to adorn your fireplace as well. You may have treasured figurines, a snow globe, a music box, or other items to fill in space on the mantle. But leftover tree ornaments can also beautify your fireplace. This is yet another good reason why a wreath is a good idea. A wreath will provide lots of easy spots to hang your ornaments from.


  • Stockings: The one Christmas decoration that is practically mandatory for placing on the fireplace is stockings. The bright red, white, and sometimes green or gold colors that stockings usually come in compliment an active fireplace beautifully. To attach them securely, permanent hooks can be screwed into the bottom of an extended mantle. Alternatively, once again, a fireplace wreath can provide the perfect support for hanging stockings.



Finally, consider a log cradle for extra logs to throw on the fire. It looks nice, is convenient, and can even contribute nicely to the aromatic atmosphere of the season.

Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

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