6 Unique Places That You Never Thought of to Install a Fireplace

If you are looking for ways to spice up your house for chilly nights, you might want to consider a new project like a fireplace installation in an unconventional location!

If you are looking for ways to spice up your house for chilly nights, you might want to consider a new project like a fireplace installation in an unconventional location! Fireplaces are no longer just made for the living room anymore! It is a great upgrade to any home in many different locations both inside and out! Always check with an expert for the safest locations for any fireplace before embarking on this new adventure. We have some unique places in your home you might not have thought of to warm up before! 

The Master Bathroom 

Can you think of anything more picture perfect than relaxing in your bathtub on a fall or winter night? Just one thing comes to mind, adding a bathroom fireplace by the tub would make it better. With the gentle flickering of lights and relaxing sounds, there is no better way to relax after a long day at the office or at home with the kids! There are many pre-fab as well as custom-made designs available, regardless of your size or budget, you can be an owner of a fabulous tubside stove! With the choices of vented, vent-free and electric fireplaces available, both safety and comfort are combined into one unit! Whether you have a large or smaller sized bathroom, you can still indulge yourself in this decadent home delight. 

A Great Addition to Any Garage! 

Have you been thinking about upgrading your garage, but not sure which direction to go? Look no further than a garage fireplace installation. Whether you want a gas stove that is self-contained or a electric one, you have options. It is the ideal addition to your garage space to be able to work on hobbies year round! With a garage fireplace, you will not have to start your car every time you leave in the middle of winter. It is a perfect way to protect your vehicle and other valuable items from the elements! If you have a detached and larger garage space, it could become the newest fab hangout for friends and family!

What About a Hot New Outdoor Space Fireplace? 

Who doesn’t enjoy being outside by a nice inviting fire? You have so many options for an outdoor fireplace! You can have a custom made fire-pit, a fire table, fire wall or just about any style your mind can conjure up outside! Enjoy long intimate conversations or neighborhood get together much longer in the season. You can add an entire new design to your backyard space, with a fireplace as your feature piece. 

There can Be more Than One Fire in Your Kitchen! 

There is no better way to make your kitchen cozier, than to install a kitchen fireplace. With dinner in the oven, and a fire beside you, your place will glow in warmth! One can put a fireplace between shelves that separate the living and dining room areas. The kitchen bar is also another fabulous location for a strategically placed stove!?

Another Great Place to Install Fireplace

To spruce up an empty foyer, you could get a foyer fireplace. With one placed there, it gives guests both the perfect welcome and a heartfelt goodbye. Your friends and family will love the perfect send off after a pleasant evening. Who wouldn’t love seeing the warm glow of a fireplace as the first thing your eyes are attracted to when you walk in the door. 

 Give Your Exercise Room a Glow

If the 5 other unique places to put a fireplace we’re not for you, maybe the exercise room is the perfect place for one. Many electric fireplaces these days are designed as an aesthetic centerpiece for a room. They have been designed to have flames but not a lot of heat permeates outside. Some come with multiple controls to change the intensity and lighting sequence. An electric exercise room fireplace is the perfect thing to focus your eyes on when you are trying to finish a tough set of reps! Whatever your purpose is, there is a fireplace for you in a unique location you may not have thought of before.

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