Why You Might Want to Install Fireplace Doors

Many homes today, especially those in colder climates, come with a cozy fireplace already installed. In addition to being attractive and aesthetically pleasing, fireplaces offer a source of heat that can be both practical and enjoyable for the entire family. There is just something special about sitting in front of a fire rather than simply heating the home with your furnace or with space heaters. While fireplaces usually come with all the necessary components included already, there is one key part that is often left up to the homeowner to supply and set up – fireplace doors. Finishing off your fireplace install and setup with fireplace doors is a good idea, and here are four reasons why you should do it today.

Makes Your Fireplace Safer for Family and Pets

One of the biggest safety risks associated with fireplace use is the risk of burns from getting too close to the flames. Fireplace doors keep pets and young children from running or stumbling too close to the fireplace and getting hurt. It also keeps embers and pieces of wood from rolling out of the fireplace and damaging flooring or causing burns.

Prevent Small Animals From Coming Inside

In addition to the protections provided in the chimney to deter birds and other animals from coming down into the home, fireplace doors add another line of defense for the home. Including them in your fireplace install or upgrade can keep animals that do come down the chimney from having free access to your home.

Gives Your Fireplace an Attractive Finishing Touch

Many fireplace doors today are designed to be attractive, and some can be downright fancy in their design and setup. No matter how simple or elegant you want it to look you can find options that fit your needs and that match your current home décor. They are made from materials that are durable and that hold up to long-term use.

Improves Heating Efficiency of the Fireplace

The final reason for considering adding fireplace doors to your current setup is that it can make things much more efficient. They can keep the fire burning longer and hotter, so your living space stays comfortable and safe. It also allows you to use your fireplace more often as opposed to running the heater for the entire home.

If you have a fireplace in your home, or you are having one included in a new home build or renovation project, then consider adding fireplace doors to the final fireplace install. They can easily be included with the initial installation or added later depending on what your specific wants and needs are. You also should have no trouble finding something that is within your budget and that will complement the current design of your fireplace and your home as a whole. Be sure to take advantage of this innovative and practical accessory that really should be included with any fireplace install. Don’t put it off any longer! Check out what options are available to you today and find the fireplace doors that are just right for you and your family’s wants and needs.

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