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Here at Midtown Chimney Sweeps we are really in love with the Chimney Sweeping trade. No other current working trade can boast such a colorful and entertaining past. We all have seen the Disney rendition of the Chimney Sweep but what was their everyday like? We are slowly doing the research and we want you to come here to all of the new information we are compiling in the next year. Our website has a specific page that will be posting fun facts and trivia for your learning pleasure. Click here to visit our site page.

A working trade is not usually romanticized but the chimney sweep trade has been popping up in stories and myths for hundreds of years. Have you ever wondered about what it would have been like to climb into a tall brick chimney and sweep it by hand? It was a dirty job but because of the interesting people who chose the trade we can study their history and capture a fun glimpse into their everyday lives.

You can learn why they Chimney Sweep always wore a top hat and tails?

You can learn some Pattercant: which is the official slang of the everyday London sweeps.

Much more to come!

If you have ever wanted to be a chimney sweep click here!

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