Places You Never Thought of Putting a Fireplace But Should

Most of us typically picture a fireplace in the living room. Fireplace additions have traditionally warmed the hearth and been the center of social gatherings. For thousands of years, they have meant warmth, cooking, and hospitality. With modern kitchen conveniences, cooking uses are no longer as common, but fireplace additions can still add greatly to the warmth and ambiance of almost any room in the house. Not only that, fireplace additions can be a great way to increase home value and are a much sought-after feature by buyers. Some terrific ideas for fireplace additions include the following:

Master Bath

What is the epitome of luxury? Many of us turn the heat in the house down when we go to sleep to conserve energy. Imagine stepping into a toasty-warm master bath area on a cold morning. Modern fireplace design can give us a gas fireplace that lights at the touch of a remote, as well as the traditional style fireplace. Your floors and bath are suffused by the gentle warmth. There is no shivering in the cold after a warm shower!


A kitchen can be a wonderful place for a functioning fireplace. It’s even possible to do some types of holiday cooking over the open wood flames, in ways that modern ovens just can’t match. Roasting over a spit can produce fantastic meals. Many kitchens have a mudroom and/or rear entrance adjacent, and that fireplace can also shield against the entrance chill.


Do you want a grand entrance with real welcoming warmth in your home? A fireplace in the foyer negates the chill that may enter when the front door is opened, especially on those special occasions like holidays and family gatherings, when crowds go in and out. It also makes a very elegant interior fashion statement.

Outdoor Patio

An outdoor fireplace on your patio can make it ideal for gatherings in weather when it would otherwise be too cold to socialize outdoors. The cheeriness and warmth of a fireplace hearth is a natural center for any social gathering. This also adds additional guest space and function for gatherings when extra capacity is desired. With the appropriate outdoor furniture, perhaps an overhead awning or pergola and a fireplace, you have an excellent outdoor place for guests to gather, even in cooler weather. Those open flames can also be used to cook some wonderful dishes!

Exercise Room or the Garage

Does an exercise room need to look like an overgrown utility closet? Not anymore. An elegant fireplace can spruce up even the most utilitarian areas. Many people combine exercise areas with game rooms and/or sports watching areas where a fireplace fits right in. A fireplace in the garage is another terrific idea for those who use it for a workspace or hobby area in chilly weather and a lot safer than a space heater.

Increase Home Value and Aesthetics

The addition of fireplaces in one or more strategic spots in your home can be a great way to increase home value and improve your comfort. Older fireplaces which are not aesthetically pleasing can be redone. There are a vast variety of fireplace possibilities, utilizing either the traditional wood-burning types or the new and more fashionable options of gas or electricity. Of vital importance is picking a reputable and knowledgeable firm to do the actual addition or replacement. But with a little creative thinking, your home can be a unique and aesthetically pleasing place to spend the next spell of chilly weather.

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