Midtown Misconceptions: People still need Chimney Sweeps?

Okay, so we feel like, as a company, we need to address the elephant in the room. Yes, chimney sweeps are viewed as antiquated professionals, ill-equipped to make the transition to the modern fireplace. After all, one might think, with today’s efficient wood fireplaces, do we really need these guys?


All you guys do is sweep old brick chimneys, right?


This is the biggest misconception that the name Midtown Chimney Sweeps has created. Yes, we do sweep ye olde traditional fireplaces, but our services reach well beyond this service. Take this 1980’s model home, for example: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a double-sided wood burning fireplace separating the living area from the dining area. You might presume that this unit, surrounded by housing structure (textured and painted), needs no regular maintenance or cleaning. After all, you say confidently, the fireplaces they manufacture these days are so efficient that they certainly don’t need a check-up, especially with such limited use.


In reality, they do need to be inspected regularly (the NFPA says on an annual basis) and swept (YES, SWEPT) as needed. The only difference between your old brick chimney and this shiny new unit is appearance: they both need regular inspecting and sweeping.


I Have a Gas Fireplace, So you guys can’t help me


Here’s where we may have contributed to this one. A gas fireplace has no chimney (it has venting) and is a different fuel type that does not let off creosote. Granted, there are still particulates, but not of the consistency and, well, consistency of a wood burning fireplace. A chimney sweep this unit does not need; however, we do service and inspect these units! Our technicians can come out and inspect your unit, clean up the glass doors and the box, and vacuum out the accumulated dust and debris in and around the firebox. We will also make sure that it is venting correctly, and that all of the components are the correct components for proper ventilation. Check out our other blog for more info on this!


Chimney Repairs: I Better Call my Contractor


Finally, perhaps the one-trick pony business name has led you to believe that we have no other services for chimneys. Perhaps you view us as the chimney equivalent of that acclaimed actor who seems to simply play himself in every movie in which he has ever been. Nonsense, good person! We are the celebrity of the chimney industry, able to adapt to multiple roles to provide you with excellent service. Visit our website to learn more about the products and services we can offer to protect your fireplace (and home)!

There are a variety of modern appliances that burn different fuel types, and they all need maintenance or repair at some point in time. Please keep us in mind; we are much more than chimney sweeps!

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