Midtown Chimney Sweeps Customer Promise

Midtown Chimney Sweeps Promise to customers

Our Midtown Chimney Sweeps Customer Promise: Love your chimney & Dryer Vent Promise or let us Know. We’ll Always Sweep it Right!

The Midtown Chimney Sweeps Customer Promise is rather simple. In fact it is refreshingly basic. It is poetically and vibrantly new in the midst of a chaotic age of overly technical software glitches and cold coffee on the way to one’s dead-end desk job while one looks for fourteen different passwords.

Customer’s are Always Right. 

Our customer’s don’t have time to do our job for us, so why don’t we do it? Novel, I know, I know. Hold your applause. We decided to do our job for us. So… When you book a job with Midtown Chimney Sweeps, you get an automated confirmation email seconds after you hang up. Got a busy life? No problem. To cancel or move the chimney or dryer cleaning appointment, we are only a click away. Or a call away. Whichever you prefer. You’re the boss, you set the time.

Anyway you look at it, the result is lovely. Numerous raving fans are created daily across the country as our superb technicians clean and inspect chimneys and fireplaces for realtors, property managers, and stay-at-home moms looking for a reputable company. So now you found us, your search is over, Midtown Chimney Sweeps is where it happens in the chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning home service sector.

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