In Gig Harbor and Tacoma, we know rain! It’s frequent and unavoidable. To keep ourselves dry and warm, we often seek comfort in our homes, such as by sitting next to the fireplace or wood-burning stove! But fireplaces and wood stoves can be a lot of work to maintain, so let the experts at Midtown Chimney Sweeps right here in Gig Harbor take care of those needs for you!

Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning in Gig Harbor and Tacoma, Washington

Why is chimney cleaning important?

Burning wood in a fireplace or wood stove can leave a flammable substance known as creosote behind. If it’s not cleared away regularly, a chimney fire might happen. Avoid the risk!

What are the chimney inspection regulations?

Before honoring warranties, most manufacturers require consumers to follow both their own regulations and those set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. For wood and bio-fuel pellet stoves, the recommendation is an annual sweep, while masonry and factory-built fireplaces should be cleaned when the soot level reaches 1/8” thick on the inside walls of the chimney.

How often does a fireplace need cleaning?

According to Document 211 of the National Fire Protection Association, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” It is advised that you have your fireplace checked annually, no matter how often you use it. Even if you only use your fireplace infrequently, it could suffer from other issues, such as broken dampers, leaves or nesting debris blocking the flue, or air shutters that need to be replaced.

How Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Gig Harbor Cleans Chimneys

Our Tools Are Among the Best in the Chimney Trade

One unique tool we use is the centrifugal-gravity, dust-extractor, HEPA vacuum. This remarkable machine is safe to use on both carpet and hard surfaces. It keeps the air clean while sucking away soot and ash with a triple-filtration system. Our German-made tool is quiet to operate and simply unmatched in the industry.

Types of Inspections We Can Offer

The first kind, Level I, satisfies the annual requirement. It is a thorough scan of the easily accessible parts of the fireplace. A Level II inspection is a combination of Level I and a live video scan of the internal parts to check for debris, build-up, and damage. This is required by the NFPA 211 for new homeowners, as well as property managers (when ownership changes) and realtors.

Dryer Vent Maintenance in Gig Harbor and Tacoma

Why is dryer vent cleaning important in Gig Harbor and Tacoma, Washington?

The lint produced by your dryer is dry and often hot. If that debris combines with the high electrical heat, you might have a fire on your hands. Our humid weather may also result in more lint than a dryer climate would, making your dryer work harder.

How often should the dryer vent be cleaned?

Your dryer’s ventilation duct should be cleaned out once a year. The area surrounding the vent should be inspected every 6 months to be sure there’s no damage. Tiny holes may develop in the flexible connector behind the dryer, allowing dust or carbon monoxide to enter. Plastic flexible connectors are not code-approved and must be replaced with semi-rigid aluminum (or a similar type of UL-Listed) product.

Let the experts at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Gig Harbor service your dryer vent, fireplace, or wood stove, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort out of the rain! We wish to be your Sweep for Life!

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