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When we say “chimney sweep”, what do you think of? The answer is probably a guy wearing a flat cap, bearing soot smudges on his face, and speaking with a Cockney accent. While Mr. Van Dyke has left us all with a lasting impression of what an old-fashioned sweep is like, Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Northglenn is anything but old-fashioned.

We’re a modern sweeping company that specializes in thorough inspections and cleanings of chimneys and a variety of fireplaces, from masonry to factory-built and from wood-burning to gas. Our professional chimney sweeps know just what to do to keep your fireplace burning merrily and safely.

Need for Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like the plumbing in your home, your fireplace and chimney need professional service to ensure that they’re in good condition. Over time, cracks can develop in the flue tiles, dampers can break, stove parts can get loose, and soot can build up and cause blockage. All of those hassles make the chimney less safe, especially the last one since soot (or creosote) is flammable and can lead to a chimney fire.

That’s why annual inspections and sweepings are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Northglenn is the perfect company to fulfill such jobs. We’ll thoroughly examine your home’s chimney and fireplace to spot any issues and handle whatever cleaning and light repairs they may need.

What to Expect with a Chimney Cleaning

When your chimney needs sweeping, you will get to experience what a modern chimney sweep can do. We’ll thoroughly and efficiently remove the built-up creosote. In turn, your chimney will “breathe” better and your home will be safer. What’s more, we’ll do that with the least mess possible, thanks to our centrifugal-gravity, dust-extracting, triple-filtration vacuum manufactured by the German company HEPA.

Midtown can apply that same thoroughness, as well as commitment to quality results, to your home’s dryer vent too! Just as soot builds up in a chimney, a dryer vent can get clogged up with lint, hair, and other debris. The more clogged a vent becomes, the more your dryer becomes strained. Worse yet, the risk of a fire increases. Let Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Northglenn clear your home’s dryer vent out fast!

To schedule your chimney inspection or sweeping, call our friendly Scheduling Center today. We can’t wait to assist you!

Proudly Serving These Colorado Cities

We are enthusiastic about servicing the chimneys and fireplaces of Northglenn, Thornton, Brighton, Commerce City, Welby, Derby, Todd Creek, Henderson, and Lochbuie!

The image above (“Deer Silhouette” by USFWS Mountain-Prairie) is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Midtown Chimney Sweeps BBB Business Review
Midtown Chimney Sweeps BBB Business Review