Here in Northern Colorado, we all love our fireplaces! There’s nothing like a cozy wood-burning fireplace to warm you up after chopping wood outside in freezing temperatures. A gas fireplace simply doesn’t have the same effect as a solid-fuel wood stove or a traditional wood fireplace. But we don’t always think about inspecting or sweeping these awesome wood-burning and pellet-burning fireplaces and wood stoves. Out here in the area of Greeley, La Salle, Garden City, Evans, Kersey, Brush, Fort Morgan, and Sterling, winter gets as cold as described in any Laura Ingalls Wilder story.

Fireplace Inspection and Chimney Repair in Northeastern Colorado

Is It Necessary to Have Your Fireplace Regularly Inspected?

Yes, it absolutely is. Just like your home’s plumbing pipes, the fireplace and wood stove is a hardworking fixture in our American homes. If you want it to keep making your  life lovely and comfortable for years to come – and want to keep your home safe too – then it needs the expert care of Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Greeley, Colorado! Our qualified technicians will inspect and provide you a written report on the current condition of your fireplace or chimney, including a written estimate of any suggested repairs. Common repairs and light maintenance can easily be provided at the time of service if the proposal is accepted, and such labor includes:

  • Installation of chimney caps
  • Tuck pointing mortar in the firebox
  • Replacing firebricks in a wood stove
  • Applying Crown Coat to the chimney top to prevent water intrusion

Gas Fireplace Service Near Greeley, Colorado

Sometimes people don’t know that gas fireplaces also require annual inspections per their manufacturer’s installation manual. Although the inside of the chimney does not build up with black soot like a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove, there are still many safety related items that should be inspected on a gas fireplace. Our process involves the following:

  • Removing and cleaning the glass door
  • Opening and cleaning the convection air chamber under the firebox
  • Checking the main burner for cracks and deterioration resulting in “hot spots”
  • Cleaning the gas logs and the inside walls of the fireplace
  • Turning the unit on and off to ensure proper burner ignition
  • And more!

Why Choose Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Greeley?

Whenever you work with Midtown, our professional technicians will start by thoroughly examining your fireplace and chimney. This is called the annual Level 1 inspection, and we follow the National Fire Protection Associations multi-point chimney inspection process. Our technicians will  look for broken dampers, cracks in the masonry bricks, loose air shutters, and much more. One of the most important things they’ll check for is the level of soot buildup in wood-burning fireplaces, free-standing stoves, and pellet appliances.

Why is Soot Sweeping Important?

Because soot, also called creosote, is actually flammable at higher temperatures. If soot isn’t cleaned out, it’ll “choke” the chimney and can fuel chimney fires. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association recommends regular inspections and sweepings.

Once Midtown has examined your fireplace and chimney, our technicians will recommend sweeping and repair services designed to protect your home. If your wood-burning fireplace needs sweeping, we’ll treat it with our modern cleaning system and HEPA centrifugal-gravity, dust-extracting, triple-filtration vacuum. The result is one of the most thorough cleanings you can imagine with a minimum of mess.

Great as that is, it’s not all that Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Greeley, Colorado can do for your home. We also offer dryer vent line cleanings because, just like a chimney, these lines and vents get clogged up.

Cleaning the Dryer Vents Within and Near Greeley, Colorado

Our qualified technicians provide cleaning and inspections for dryer vents in Greeley and the surrounding area. You ought to annually set up an inspection for your dryer vent and it’s connector pipe because of the following reasons:

  • Over time, debris such as lint and hair can catch in the vent and block it up. Blockage will cause your dryer to work harder and slower.
  • If enough of that material gets stuck, a fire could happen in your laundry room.
  • Prevent the risk! Midtown Dryer Vent Cleaning of Greeley is here so you can do just that!

Call our friendly Scheduling Center today to schedule an appointment when your chimney will be swept or your dryer vent cleaned. We hope to serve you soon!

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