Hiking in Boulder Colorado

boulder colorado hiking and backpacking sources for enjoying the rocky mountains. Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Boulder, coloradoHiking and Backpacking near Boulder Colorado is a hobby for locals and visitors alike. As USA Today’s Joe Fletcher points out, the best times of the year for hiking in Colorado mountains are approaching. From Estes Park to Winter Park you can see some of the most beautiful mountains in all the Rocky Mountains. Or, if you prefer the plains for a more wide open and expansive view, visit Greeley and Fort Collins Colorado.

Here is a valuable resource for hiking and backpacking trails and campgrounds near Boulder, Colorado:

Backpacker.com, Trails Near Boulder


If you are interested in renting a mountain cabin as the launching grounds for your expeditions, try locating a property through this fabulous site Book by Owner. Be sure to ask for a property with a fireplace in it! Put your feet up for a weekend away from it all and read a book. Buy a fishing license and make the catch of the season in one of the most quality brown trout and rainbow trout springs in Colorado.

Book by Owner, Winter Park

book by owner mountain cabins for hiking near boulder, colorado. Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Boulder, Colorado.

Book by Owner is a great site to help traveling people get affordable vacation and mid-term housing. Affordable rates means you can spend more time vacationing and getting refreshed before you head back home to the office and regular life.

So when you are ready to go hiking in Boulder Colorado, now you will be set for a weekend of relaxation and breathtaking views.

Trout fishing is always a favorite among outdoorsmen. Come and catch a trout for yourself. This trout was caught in a stream near a good hiking trail in Boulder, Colorado, by one of Midtown Chimney Sweep’s very own fisherman. It was released back into its wild habitat and will continue to grow and grow in the fresh air and clear mountain waters of the Rockies.

trout in a stream near hiking in boulder, midtown chimney sweeps of boulder colorado


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