Franchise Opportunities: Why should firemen join Midtown Chimney Sweeps?

Did you know that roughly 52 percent of American homes boast fireplaces? That’s a lot of chimneys that need regular maintenance. And if you’re looking for a way to earn extra income away from the fire house, investing in a chimney-sweep franchise might be just the ticket. What’s so great about cleaning chimneys? Read on:

Experience a Fast-Growing Business

There’s great potential for growth within the hearth industry. In 2010, the typical chimney sweep in America was bringing home between $100,000 and $250,000 annually, says information published at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most, such as franchise-owners, were self-employed, and they did so much more than just sweep out chimneys. Midtown Chimney Sweeps is the perfect franchise for firemen, because it builds on the skills you’ve already attained, not to mention padding that nest egg for retirement.

Enjoy Few Regulations

Unlike many other contractor positions, there are still few regulations governing chimney sweeps, other than mandatory liability insurance. But you don’t need any special degree or license to perform this type of service, Although certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute is possible and may make your services more in demand.

Join an Older, More Experienced Workforce

More than half of all chimney sweeps in America are over the age of 50. This is a prime earning opportunity for anyone who’s approaching retirement without a retirement fund. The work is specialized, but not terribly physical, and being your own boss is a dream that many older workers have envisioned on more than one occasion.

Life as a chimney sweep involves a lot stretching, bending and reaching, but it’s much less physical than fighting fires. If you’re currently working as a fireman, you’ll have no trouble at all, learning the Midtown way.

Learn a New Skill Set

As a fireman, you already have a foundational knowledge of fire safety. Put that to the test by inspecting chimneys for soot and grime buildup, structural defects, and deterioration. Brush soot away before it has the chance to harden into creosote. Or, remove creosote, itself, by applying chemicals that break it down into a manageable substance. Chimney sweeps are fire protection experts, too. And having a background as a fireman is the world’s best bragging point when you’re pitching the services of chimney maintenance.

Just like fighting fires, sweeping chimneys has the opportunity to save lives. Be someone’s hero today by becoming a chimney sweep and ridding your neighborhood of the soot and buildup that can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisonings.

Work With Midtown

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of owning a Midtown Franchise is having a national office to take your calls and build your schedule. We also take care of your advertising, so your franchise can be found locally through online search. The investment to begin your new adventure is low compared to most franchise opportunities, and you’ll always have the reputable Midtown name behind you and access to on-going support.

If you’ve been thinking of going into business for yourself, or thinking about ways to earn money on the side, give Midtown Chimney Sweeps a call. You might be surprised at the success that’s waiting just around the corner from the firehouse.

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