Five Ideas for a Fresh Fireplace Summer Makeover

Anyone who is looking for a way to update the style of the interior of their home should think about the fireplace. The fireplace is known for producing a sense of style and ambiance; however, from time to time is a good idea to invest in a refresh fireplace makeover. Those who are looking for ideas when it comes to a fireplace install and update should take a look at some of the suggestions below!

Target the Brass Around the Fireplace

Most fireplaces have pieces that surround it that can be removed. Often, these are made out of brass. Those who are looking for an easy way to update the fireplace should think about painting the brass around the fireplace. To do this, it is important to:

  • Sand the brass using fine-grit sandpaper
  • Add heat-resistant spray primer
  • Apply heat-resistant spray paint

This is a relatively straightforward process that will help everyone update the fireplace quickly and efficiently. Just remember that the paint will take a few weeks to cure properly.

Retile the Fireplace

Another idea when it comes to updating a fireplace is to retile the fireplace. While this won’t work if the fireplace is made from stone, fireplaces that are made from tile can be retiled relatively easily. While some fireplace updating ideas can cost a lot of money, this one does not! There are lots of great options when it comes to adding new tile to the fireplace. These include natural stone patterns, dark charcoal tiles, and linear white tiles! Many of these are peel and stick tiles that can be added quickly!

Paint the Mantle

Many fireplaces have a mantle and this is a great way to change the entire look of the fireplace quickly. Lots of fireplaces come with wood mantles. These add a sense of character to fireplaces; however, they now look outdated. If the wood mantle doesn’t match the rest of the home, it is not doing the rest of the room any favors. In order to pain the mantle, there are a few simple steps to follow. These include:

  • Sand the mantle first
  • Prime it with an oil primer (as a latex primer might damage the grain in the wood)
  • Paint it

Remember to add a few coats of paint to give it a beautiful finish!

Seal the Brick, Stone, or Hearth

Many fireplaces have stone or brick as part of their structure. These are products that can significantly change their color and tone when they are sealed. Many of these products are not sealed originally because nobody thought they would be exposed to water; however, everything is going to be exposed to moisture eventually. Sealing these substances can really make a difference in the appearance of the fireplace.

Paint the Brick or Stone Itself

One of the most straightforward ideas to update the look of a fireplace is to paint the brick or stone itself. One of the most popular looks right now is a simple whitewash, as this lets a lot of the under-color show through. Those who are looking for a different look can also try straight black. Take a look at the rest of the décor in the room and think about what fits well!

Update the Fireplace Today!

A refresh fireplace makeover is one of the great ways to update the look of the room without doing an entire fireplace install. Take a look at these ideas and apply them!

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