Fireplace Design: Spice up Your Boring Room

So, you’re ready to put some “swing” into that old, boring room. Try a new fireplace layout. You see it every day. You’re aware of it when you walk through the room. When you sit down, chances are you’re looking at it. It’s unavoidable. The fireplace is center stage for rooms where family gathers or friends visit. It dominates the room.

Focus on the centerpiece

Your Fireplace commands the room. It has gravity, creates an ambiance and feels comforting. It says, “I can put my feet up. I’m home.” A fireplace makeover increases its functionality and adds value to your home. With a stylish fireplace design, you can give your room a new look. Discover fresh fireplace designs by reviewing four style descriptions listed below.

Design your Fireplace with a style in mind.

Begin your re-design with what you have. Do you already have a traditional fireplace? Most traditional fireplaces are symmetrical, and its components are in proportion to each other. For example, the mantle crosses over the firebox, the firebox meets the hearth. A fireplace has five basic components as they relate to style: stones, mantle, firebox, storage area, and the hearth.

Envision your fireplace with a rustic, old-world appeal — or a contemporary style with functional storage. What fits with your vision? Perhaps a sleek, minimal appearance with just some clean lines and a recessed firebox are some characteristics you appreciate. Maybe you love your traditional fireplace. Changing the style of the firebox, mantle, or changing those old chimney stones might be an exciting improvement. A new fireplace layout should follow a rustic, contemporary, transitional or traditional style. Each style has characteristics that will give new life to an old, boring room.

Review some fireplace layouts based on the style you prefer. If you’re going rustic, chimney stones may be larger and asymmetrical. A large mantel and firepit are proportional to the hearth. Reds, greys, and brown colors feel cozy, and say, “Old world.” A traditional fireplace makeover might include wood storage, a re-designed mantel, and a stone facelift. Transitional fireplace layouts simplify surface areas. Removal of the mantle with little or no hearth and simplification of the firebox reveals a “less is more” impression. Contemporary fireplace designs use clean lines, neutral, masculine colors with efficient storage areas. The contemporary design may have disproportionate fireplace components, like an inviting, extra-large hearth with no mantle.

Remodel your room to match

The style you choose for your fireplace dominates the room. Review examples of the four style choices: rustic, traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Youtube offers a selection of videos with examples of each style. A complete fireplace makeover can be costly — but may not be necessary. Alteration of specific fireplace components, such as the mantle, or hearth size, may achieve your goal. Adjust your room to match the fireplace layout. Make design modifications to your room — and stay with your style. Make simple changes wherever possible. Change the shade and location of area lighting, select some appropriate wall art, add matching pillows and change surface area colors. If you’re on a budget, evolve the room section by section until you achieve the desired look. Your re-designed fireplace gives direction and focuses your attention.

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