Enjoy the Fire. Burn Wood.

Wood-burning fires in the fireplace are irreplaceable.

In our ever emerging age of convenience it is refreshing to see folks burn wood for heat. The EPA has done a good job misdirecting the public to think that burning wood in many areas is “illegal” but that is simply not true. You can burn wood on a no burn day– you simply have to have a wood stove that was built after 1992 (the cutoff for EPA Phase 2 regulation). So please, enjoy the fire and burn real wood.

Benefits of Real Wood Fires

  • Penetrating heat. There is something refreshing about the deep penetrating feeling of wood heat.  A Forced Air heating system simply cannot compete with the power of a wood fire in a wood stove or a fireplace.
  • Renewable resource. Burning wood is an environmentally responsible ting to do. Every year trees are growing around us and being harvested for cordwood and heating purposes.
  • Self sufficiency. The single greatest and most common reason for burning wood for heat is because people do not want to be dependent on someone else for their home heating process.
  • Generational heritage. It is important that as fathers and leaders that we pass to our children survival skills among the essential first world matters like computer skills and technician skills. Where would America be if every boy grew up only knowing how to move a needle on a wall thermostat?

Enjoy the Fire. Burn wood.

So when you light up your next outside fire pit for the family to enjoy, remember to pass it along. Pass along the survival skills, Pass along the fire starting skills. Spend time with your son and daughter. Make time for what really matters. Show them you care about them, and build a stronger nation all by simply enjoying the fire.



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