Doubt Busting the Chimney Sweeping Franchise!

In SUCCESS magazine this month I read an article about Entrepreneurial Approaches for the 21st Century. In describing the five business models I liked the way they described The Franchise. franchise graph

In SUCCESS magazine this month I read an article about Entrepreneurial Approaches for the 21st Century. In describing the five business models I liked the way they described The Franchise.

For newbies a franchise has the advantage of providing plenty of support services.
You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Your brand is probably well known,  and your purchasing power is far better than if you were on your own. 
So how did we get to the idea of a franchise?

Well, in the 17th century we were moving beyond the coast into the unknown hardships of the frontier, to carve out a place for ourselves in the wilderness. By the 19th century farmers began to create agricultural enterprises and that idea spread across the country. Once the population grew the dream of being in business for oneself by merchant, craftsman, and tradesman began to develop. Through the 20th century these small endeavors pushed the population to become increasingly sophisticated and affluent- thus producing a more complex economy . Corporations began to scoop up fledgling competitors, and started employing often hundreds or thousands employees to produce one specific product.

Our US economy today boasts some of the worlds largest corporations and a total of 22.5 million independent enterprises.

So where do I fit in and a fledgling entrepreneur?

Well it is risky to jump out on your own because the world has shifted.

8 out of 10 business fail within the first 18 months, that literally means that 80% percent of those world-shattering and life-changing epiphanies will crash and burn.

Why is this failure percentage so high?

Well here are some basic blunders—-

Lack of cash for a long run!

Cracks in the foundation!

You really haven’t spent the time to get to know your customers.

You are just one person!

You know your trade but you don’t know how to advertise.

You know how to advertise but don’t have a trade.

Leadership breakdown!

No business model that includes proven revenue streams!

Low sales!

No basic need for your service!

Now let me tell you a little bit about tried and true opportunity that defeats every one of the previous concerns…..

The chimney sweeping trade has been around for hundred of years and it stands today as a necessary and important profession.

Don’t know much about Chimney Sweeping? Here is a brief history…..

It was the early Romans that decided to move the outside fire inside— but it wasn’t until the 16th century that the idea of a “chimney” caught on. Soon because of the damp weather in western Europe it was desirable to have a fireplace in each room of the house. In the 17th century there was Hearth tax placed on the size of the house- and it was based on how many chimneys a family had. To avoid these high taxes builders would connect flues of new fireplaces with existing chimneys. A switch from wood to coal in this period made regular cleaning necessary, and if a chimney was neglected it would back up the harmful smoke into the home or the residue on the bricks would catch fire. This was the time that the chimney sweep profession began to rise. Soon Queen Victoria mandated regular chimney cleaning. Even at that time, chimney sweeps were known for bringing health and peace to hearth and home. Movies now often represent chimney sweep characters as fun and silly. The truth is, it was a hard job and many orphans were forced into the profession with low living conditions.

Back then it was a very dangerous job. The narrow chimney flues of the time made it impossible for a grown man to climb inside so many children were forced to climb inside and scrape the soot from the walls. It was a dark labyrinth of residue and little air and others would inhale too much the toxic smoke and later have health issues.

In 1864 everything changed. “The Act for Regulation of Chimney Sweepers” brought the end to the child chimney sweep. Money was finally being invested in progressing the tools of the trade. In the 18th Century Joseph Glass invented a set of canes and brushes so the sweep could clean from the bottom of the chimney up. More modern variations are used today.

In the early 1960’s many homes changed to gas and electricity but when fossil fuel costs rose in the early 1980’s, more and more people were switching back to burning wood. The chimneys, lying unused for log periods of time, began to prove dangerous. House fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are common place when a chimney goes without proper cleaning and care.

Today the professional chimney sweep has made a huge comeback. Builders today still install fireplaces and chimneys,  and in 2010 there were 1.2 fireplaces per home in the US. There is a huge opportunity in this trade, and now it has become a  well-respected although unknown profession that helps provide homeowners and businesses to maintain the safe operation of fireplaces, stoves, flues, chimneys, pellet stoves and now even dryer vents of all kinds.


Hands down we are experts in this trade.

We use state of the art technology to ensure the client is satisfied and technicians are safe.

We realized no one else has tapped into this fledgling market.

Without any experience in the trade we can offer you specialized technology and training AND in a quick turnaround we can help you become the best in the business.

We are technology-based but with old-world business ethics.

—If you join us you can benefit from….

The national brand and customer base that Midtown Chimney Sweeps has established.

Amazing marketing and cutting edge advertising; an endless study of the target customer.

We already carry great customer reviews and you will benefit from those at start up.

AND you get to be the boss

How well can this go for me……?

There is opportunity for:

Flexible Scheduling.

No storefront (work from home).

A legacy to leave your children!

Retirement plan!


And most of all a fun trade and a job you will love, and a company you can be proud of!

Join MCSF where we value:

Integrity, Innovation, Individual and Corporate Success,  and Passionate People that thrive in a Creative Environment .

Good Investment has a name… MIDTOWN Chimney Sweeps

Opportunity has a story…..your story

Opportunity has a place ….your city

Opportunity has a door ….And its OPEN

Walk through it and join our trusted franchise network.

We are Midtown Chimney Sweeps…. conveniently located Midtown so we can serve Uptown, Downtown and out of town!!!!!!


Click Here to start your journey!


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