Are You Having Issues with your Current Fireplace? Let’s Repair it!

When the winter rolls around, fireplaces turn on; however, some people might be disappointed to realize that their fireplace is having some major issues. For those who live in the local area, it is important to make sure that the fireplace is ready to go when the temperature drops. This is the perfect time to inspect the fireplace and make sure that all issues are addressed. If there are any issues, fix them now before the temperature gets cold! There are a few common problems with fireplaces that rise to the surface.

The Accumulation of Creosote

One of the most common problems that people have with their fireplace is the accumulation of a byproduct known as creosote. This is substance develops when smoke rises up into the chimney, cools down, and condenses. This is a hard substance that looks like tar.

The major issue with creosote is that this is a major fire hazard. This substance can ignite with some heat, leading to major chimney damage and billowing fires. This can also make it hard for the fireplace to work properly because it prevents air from getting into the fire, which is necessary for flames. This substance has to be removed in order for the fireplace to work properly.

Animals Nesting in the Fireplace

Another common issue that people have with their fireplaces is that there are critters that build a nest in the fireplace itself. There are lots of critters that like to set up shop in fireplaces because they are dark. This is a major problem.

When animals build homes in chimneys, this is a major risk for the development of carbon monoxide. This can block the fireplace from venting fumes properly, causing them to back up into the home. This can be a major health hazard. These animals need to be removed.

An Obstruction in the Fireplace

For those who live in areas with lots of trees, another major concern is an obstruction from above. There are lots of leaves and branches that fall from trees and land on, around, or in the chimney itself. Even for those who have a chimney cap, debris can end up in the way. This can obstruct the fireplace and prevent it from working properly. This is another reason why everyone should have their fireplace inspected during this time of year.

Pilot Light Failures

Those who have a gas fireplace have something called a pilot light. If the fireplace simply isn’t turning on, the problem is the pilot light. Those who are having a problem with the pilot light should know that trained professionals can come out and look at this issue quickly. Gas fireplaces can be dangerous, so it is important to ask for help.

Thermocouple Problems

Another important part of the fireplace is called the thermocouple. This is a metal rod that uses electricity and acts as a sensor, ensuring that gas is only leaking when the fire is lit. If there is damage to the thermocouple, this can prevent the fireplace from working properly. Trust the professionals to handle this issue.

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