5 Signs Your Chimney Is Failing

When you look at your house, you are probably not thinking about your roof. On the other hand, problems with your roof can get out of hand quickly. One of the most vulnerable parts of your roof is your chimney, which is different in design from the rest of the roof structure, magnifying its risk to the rest of your roof. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of some of the top signs that your chimney might be failing. What are a few examples?

There Are Leaks in Your Chimney

One of the first signs that there might be something wrong with your chimney at the development of a leak. If you hear dripping coming from your living room, you should obviously check your faucets first. Then, take a look inside your chimney. If you notice that there is a dripping noise coming from the inside of your chimney, this is a sign of something wrong with the integrity of your chimney. It needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

There Is a Blockage in Your Chimney

Next, if there is a blockage in the inside of your chimney, this is another sign that your chimney is failing. It is important for you to make sure that your chimney is clear before you boot up your fireplace for the first time during the winter. If you do not check to make sure your chimney is clear, the smoke is simply going to back up into your home, making this an incredibly dangerous place to be.

There Are Damaged or Missing Bricks from Your Chimney

Make sure that you take a bit of time to inspect your chimney about once or twice per year. You are looking at the integrity of the bricks. If you notice that there are damaged or missing bricks, they need to be addressed. Even a single damaged brick can threaten the structure of your chimney as a whole. If you allow these damaged bricks to persist without repair, the rest of your chimney is going to suffer.

The Mortar Around Your Chimney Is Suffering

You should also take a look at the mortar around your chimney. The mortar is responsible for supporting the rest of your chimney. If you notice cracks, dance, or chunks of mortar missing, it could threaten not only your chimney but the rest of your roof. Make sure that you reach out to trained professionals for assistance when it comes to the mortar of your chimney.

Your Chimney Has Rusty Components

Finally, you also need to take a look at the components of your chimney. Remember that your chimney is going to be exposed to the elements. Therefore, you may notice the components of your chimney developing some rust. If you notice that your components are getting rusty, they are simply not going to work as well. They need to be repaired in order for you to take care of the rest of your chimney. If you need help addressing the components of your chimney, it is time to reach out to the pros.

Contact the Professionals for Help with Chimney Problems

These are just a few of the top examples of Chimney issues that might develop. Even though you may think you can handle these issues on your own, make sure they are corrected properly on the first attempt. Reach out to trained professionals for help!

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