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How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter Weather

Winter weather can get dangerous quickly, especially if you are not prepared for it! Chimneys and fireplaces that haven’t been

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What a Chimney Fire Does to Your Chimney?

If you plan on burning a fire, you have to make sure you do so safely. Even though you want

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Fireplace Design: Spice up Your Boring Room

So, you’re ready to put some “swing” into that old, boring room. Try a new fireplace layout. You see it

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The Warm of Heart, a Wintertime Poem by the Fireside

The Warm of Heart by Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth   The warm of heart shall never lack a fire However far

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Enjoy the Fire. Burn Wood.

Enjoy the Fire. Burn wood. So when you light up your next outside fire pit for the family to enjoy, remember

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9 Signs of Chimney Fire and Why they Ignite

9 Signs that a Professional Chimney Sweep looks for to Identify if a Chimney Fire has Occurred: “Puffy” or “honey

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