Surviving Spring Cleaning!

The birds are chirping and the weather is finally shifting to the warmer side of the thermometer. The windows are beginning to open and those of us who live in colder climates are seeing the first sights of our yards as the snow melts.

If you are like me you can’t wait to change your flannel sheets into cotton and pack up your sweaters and coats.

Around this time of year I find myself wanting to get rid of clutter and refresh my home. If you are a “Spring Cleaner” I found some really easy ways to organize your time so that it isn’t a painful pursuit.

Here are five great tips to help tackle your home.

  1. First: Make a plan.

Don’t begin spring cleaning without a plan. Figure out which rooms you want to tackle first and give yourself a timeline to improve efficiency. Remember: You don’t have to finish everything in one day.

When you begin cleaning, try to stick to one room at a time to reduce any stress or chaos that might ensue. A checklist like this one from Martha Stewart can also be useful. It details every chore that might be on your radar including wiping the walls and ceilings, dusting, and cleaning your windows.

  1. Gather all your cleaning tools.

Don’t start cleaning without making sure you have all the right tools. This might include all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquid, and garbage bags (among other items). Also, make sure your cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners are in working condition. This will save you time and stress later.

If you plan on replacing or cleaning your drapes, curtains, or bedding, make sure you have replacements handy so you aren’t left with bare rooms or windows if it takes more than a day to wash.

  1. Clean first, declutter later.

Similar to sticking to one room at a time, you’ll also want to clean first and declutter later. If your spring cleaning involves throwing away or donating personal belongings that are taking up too much space, then save that for after everything cleaned. Doing this will help you stay on track and keep you from getting distracted.

  1. Realize when you need help!

Don’t be afraid to call for reinforcements. For those harder to complete jobs rely on the professionals. I call Midtown Chimney Sweeps to take care of my Yearly Chimney Inspection and Dryer Vent Cleaning all in one service call. Springtime is the perfect time to schedule. It is simple and it saves me money. It is great to know when the weather shifts I can be confident knowing I can relax by the fire safely.

Good luck on your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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