Relighting Your Standing Pilot Fireplace

There are lots of options when it comes to fireplaces. Fireplaces are a great way to create a sense of ambiance while also saving money on other utilities. Some people have a fireplace that burns wood while others use a fireplace that uses gas. For gas fireplaces, some of them have something called a pilot ignition. There are multiple types of pilot ignitions, ranging from an intermittent ignition to a standing pilot light. Those who have a fireplace that uses a standing pilot light might occasionally have to relight the pilot light. This is a relatively straightforward process; however, it does involve a few steps.

The Steps Involved in Relighting a Pilot Light

In order to relight a standing pilot light furnace, it is important to follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the relevant components of the fireplace. These are usually located underneath the firebox itself. In some cases, it might be necessary to shift the decorative front of the fireplace to reveal these necessary components.
  • Make sure the fireplace has a standing pilot light. If it does, there should be several components, which include a knob (that says on and off on it) or a switch and an igniter.
  • Next, carefully shift the glass from the front of the fireplace to open the chamber itself.
  • Make sure the igniter is working well. To do this, press it several times and look for a spark. IF the sparks are hard to see, try dimming the lights. The sparks shouldn’t be too big, but they should be visible.
  • Find the control knob. Push the knob in and start to rotate it. Rotate the knob until the word
    “pilot” is at the hash mark.
  • Then, while still pushing the knob in, press the igniter a few times until it fires.
  • Once the igniter fires, continue to press the knob in for around 30 seconds. Make sure the fireplace stays lit.
  • If the fireplace does not stay lit, give it around five or ten minutes to cool off. Then, retry.
  • Once the fireplace has been burning for several minutes, go back to the knob. Shift it until it reaches the on position.

Now, the standing pilot light is lit. Remember to put the glass and decorative front back where they belong. The fireplace can now be turned on easily.

Precautions When Lighting the Standing Pilot Light

When dealing with the standing pilot light, there are a few precautions that everyone should follow. These include:

  • Try not to get too close to the sparks because they can burn if they make contact with the skin
  • Be careful not to get cut by the glass
  • Make sure the glass is put a safe distance away to prevent people from stepping on it
  • If the igniter doesn’t fire after a few seconds, let it cool off before pressing it again
  • Do not forget to shift the knob back to the “on” position, as leaving it in the “pilot” position for a prolonged period of time could damage the standing pilot light

It is always important to put safety first when relighting a pilot for a gas fireplace.

Relight the Gas Fireplace Pilot

These are the steps people need to follow in order to relight the standing pilot light. Become familiar with the locations of the components before trying to relight the gas fireplace pilot. It is always important for everyone to put safety first when relighting a pilot

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